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4 Things Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone will Teach You

The Certain Ones Magazine

One of the sure ways many of us hold back ourselves is by allowing self-imposed limitations to seep into our minds. How often have you thought about doing something but didn’t because you thought, “I am not good enough” or “I think I will fail”. The thing about comfort zone is that it feels like a safe place and to leave it is to do the unknown and take on a new challenge. But to welcome greatness in your life is to depart from the safety net, leaving what you have grown accustomed to –truly live a fulfilling life. To know that feeling of truly living a fulfilling life is to face your fears daily, pushing yourself to do at least one thing that scares you and to learn from each experience that will prepare you for your next obstacle. Here we share 4 things stepping outside the comfort zone will teach.

  1. How to think about yourself and situations: Everyone has some amount of fear, which is often translated into our daily lives or how we respond to the unknown. Allowing fear to take control of our lives is a limitation to living your best life. Each time you do something outside your comfort zone, it is a sure way to learn that greatness is within your reach – once you conquer the negative thoughts that you once welcomed in your space. To achieve even the most impossible fate, it starts in the mind.

2. To Never Wait on the Perfect Moment – Because it doesn’t exist: One of the things about comfort zone is that makes you believe that you will need a perfect moment to start something new – not true. Imagine if you waited for the perfect everything, you would never achieve anything outside of what you know. Wanting something and doing it regardless of how impossible it seems or off-timing it might be, helps you to create that perfect moment without the permission of others. Starting is where you experience the new birth that will line you up for the next stage in your life.

3. How to Ask for Help: One of the greatest lessons you will possibly ever learn is to ask for what you want and believe you can get it. How many times did you need to do just one thing to accomplish your goal but didn’t because you didn’t ask. Many times, we stay stuck with what we know because we don’t ask for help to get moving. Sometimes you won’t get the response you are looking for or you will get rejected, but asking teaches you to deal with fear and failures head on.

4. Rejections, failures, and disappointments don’t define you: One thing certain is that with every goal you pursue, there will be associated failures and disappointments. A roadblock doesn’t mean the end of the road, it only an opportunity to prepare a game plan that will help you come back stronger. With every failure, it helps to realize how you can do things differently to produce better results. Pushing through the fear isn’t the easiest but putting a bet on yourself and believing you can do it – is key to welcoming new success in your life.      

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