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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

With each New Year, we promise to ourselves to be better and to accomplish more of our dreams, yet many of these promises become a frequent companion for future New Year’s Eve celebrations. Caught in the enthusiasm of celebrating the passage between years with the rest of the planet, we give a global scale to our ambitions, often seeking and reaching for impossible fruits.

We all call them resolutions and give them a special context, just to fool our mind that these is a way of unleashing extra energies and resources. We also mistake by thinking that we need to have our list ready at the exactly the moment between years. Not trying to diminish the importance of the holiday, choosing this time of the year to request change from yourself is not mandatory, and any other date might work just as well. Nevertheless, you can have a strong jumpstart from the special atmosphere hosted by the winter holydays, and this might help you reignite the dream candle.

Everybody dreams to change but not everybody understands that change is not something miraculous. You will not wake one day up smarter, richer, or with 30 pounds less. Change is a process and any process requires time and patience in order to produce visible effects. Fast change is against human nature and you will have a hard time adapting to the new landmarks of your life. Taking things step by step, building brick by brick, and being consistent with your progress will surely take to your desired destination. Measuring progress should be done from time to time, but focusing solely on results and quantifying each ounce might be both time consuming and depressing. Keep your head high and let your “feet” to the work. Sometimes it’s just a matter of detaching yourself from the vehicle and admiring the road.

Change is the same as with climbing a mountain. Although you are able to see the top from your low starting point, you will never be able to flight there. The same way gravitation acts as a force, pulling you and your heavy backpack down, and making each step harder, your old self acts as the ballast for change. You will never climb the mountain without your backpack, the same way you cannot change without bringing your old self all the way with you. There will be many struggles along the way, and many temptations to change your destination towards smaller and easier to conquer summits. Maybe you find out that the comfort of flat land is what you need and you might give up the fight for extra comfort. The parallel with reaching your dreams can be extended indefinitely, but the most important conclusion you need to extract is that nothing good comes easy.



Focusing too much on the change itself can drain you of energy and make you forget about the goal you had in mind at the beginning of year. Sometimes, the goals get so tangle up that you no longer know what you need. Having clear goals at the begging is a great way of staying focused and keeping a straight line. But sometimes it’s impossible to set clear goals, as the dream and ambition in your mind is less prone to quantification. You will never be able to measure the level of happiness inside you. Sometimes, despite the fact that change doesn’t happen overnight, you wake up one day and the mirror shows you a completely new person. That person was already there for month and weeks, waiting for you to weaken your hold on the goal itself, and start focusing on the result.

Don’t limit your goals to one year and even grow unrest if you fail to accomplish them inside the initial timeframe. Change is often a stubborn process, and you might need to accept some steps back and forward before taking the fast route towards change. Although it helps to use years as waypoint in your life, don’t stick to this rigid framework, and use other life events as reference. After all, you can define your own year, giving it a more meaningful structure, and adapting it to your plan of change.


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