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“The Gatekeeper” C.  Alease

This is an impressive debut novel! In “The Gatekeeper” C.  Alease writes a riveting, believing, and heartfelt story dealing with a mental disorder. I was very impressed with C. Alease writing style, which is mature and refreshingly thought-provoking. This novel is themed and character driven, even still the story is easy to read; as each character’s personalities are understood and are climactic. The Gate Keeper takes us on a journey of women dealing with dissociative personality disorder.

“The Gatekeeper” opens up with the main character seeking counseling for her young son. The tables suddenly turn; as she discovers that it is she who would need counseling. This is where the journey of self-discovery and lessons learned begins. One of the many lessons is deciphering between what is real and what is not real. C. Alease, brilliantly reveals the “why of,” these characters existence; as their presence stems from repressed events, that had or has happen in the protagonists life. I would certainly love to read her next release.


Dream 4 More Reviewer,
Vanessa Richardson

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“Before The Lights Go Out” by Quiniece Sheppard

Quiniece Sheppard wrote a relatable, relational, and real well-needed book for an audience in relationships (3R’s). She gives great realistic standpoints in the book such as “If God hasn’t put the two of you together then your relationship is illegal, meaning it is not ordained by God nor is it in His will” (p. 4). She encourages couples to rekindle their broken, or sour relationships as well as singles to seek a godly mate, not settling for less (e.g. baby momma, sidekick, or even play wifey).

Dream Moment(s): I loved the “preface” where she not only alerts the readers in but lets us know to chill and get ready to dig in the goodies of the book. The introduction opens up with the worldwide topics: sex. We are to examine our relationships to see what type of bond we truly have with one significant other. Moreover, she has a heart and willingness to help failed relationships. She also enlightens the reader on true intimacy with 11 steps or principles. (Truly, I hope to get this author on one of my 3 Internet Talk Radio program(s) to speak on this book and issues more in depth).

The key viewpoints or quotes highlighted in borders (boxes) are worth reading and applying in your life. I starred many of mines in the book! I enjoyed the eleven principles but favorite ones were “preparation” and “production.”

Dream Disaster (Nightmare(s)): None.

Dream 4 More (Keep us Dreaming or Begging for more): Moreover, Ms. Sheppard keeps us dreaming for the best in our relationships and hope she continues to write what God imparts in her!

The three tests for a man on page 34 from a spiritual perspective: credit check; blood test check; and background check. This definitely was making a woman dream 4 more in a relationship, partner, and mate.

Dream 4 More Reviews received a copy from the author for a book review.

Dream4More Reviews,
Adrienna Turner
Wooed Me Dream!

“The Boy with Stripes” by Eddie Wiggins

The Boy with Stripes is a memoir about Eddie Wiggins who once felt unloved, unwanted, physically and verbally abused, and lack of identity. He was adopted at the tender age of two years old to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wiggins and born in Riverside, CA during the 1950s. He never truly knows his heritage or race and when he asked his Mom, he never wanted to know since it “hurt too badly.” She was an educator and student counselor, yet abused her adopted son. She beat him so badly until blood splashed out and welts marked his body, whether wet or dry, with a razor strop used at barber shops to sharpen their razor blades. His adopted father, known as Dad, also was adopted except by a white family. He was a famous African-American surgeon and physician, but amazingly was unaware of the abuse for a number of years that was forced on his son-Eddie. When they had a son and daughter, they were not abused and his mom refused to allow Eddie to play or touch even his younger sister.

There were times that Eddie prayed to God to kill his mother before he ended up dead. He watched shows like Brady Bunch and wished his life could be like that (fantasy) but his reality was abuse. Anyone who witnessed or he told about the abuse (e.g. coach and Dad), no one was able to do anything to her. He knew as a young child that he would not follow his father’s footsteps as a doctor since he hated the sight of blood, but God had another plan for his life. He’s a conqueror and survived the years of physical abuse, verbal abuse of not feeling loved or wanted, and classified as “incorrigible” to be awarded to the mental hospital because of his mother’s evil plan to get him out of the household. He fought to get out of the mental ward but his mom refused to take him back after he passed all the tests to prove he was not incorrigible. In the midst, he met a great friend and worker that were for his best interest. He learned that he was also likable and loved, when he never felt or learned this before while living in the home with his mom.

He also shares his life experiences during childhood up to high school, and later will share his other experiences in future memoirs. He will open the reader’s eyes to other horrifying truths where you start to wonder is there any hope, faith, and love. He didn’t know God until he met Doris and her family to open his heart, but still could not see or know this Spirit of God until he discovers who he is in Christ.

Dream 4 More Reviews received a copy from the author for a review.

Dream 4 More Reviewer,
Adrienna Turner, author of “God is in the Equation” and “The Day Begins with Christ”
Wooed Me Dream/Sweet Dreams, 4.5/5 stars