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2016, Men’s Fashion Trends

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2016 is here and whether we like it or not, it’s time to make room in our wardrobe for the new fashion statements to be introduced. Like with any new season, change will be at the order of the day, although 2016 promises to be more conservative than recent years. As earlier trends begin to sediment, is time to explore the “must have” of the year.

Promoting a less masculine look is certainly an option more and more men fashion designers consider. Androgynous fashion relies on crossing the border between what men and women should wear. As skinny jeans are already here to stay for a couple of years, it is a clear sign that differentiating the sexes by clothes is no longer part of the norm. Shirts without collar, short sleeves jackets, and the use of light delicate fabrics can be seen as the most common ways of promoting a less rugged look for men.

Baggy trousers are usually associated with increased comfort for men and designers seem to want to put them in front in their new collection. Judging by the success of tight jeans, we can definitely say that nobody takes pride in unleashing normal looking pants on the catwalk. Baggy trousers have been around for a couple of years, but it looks like this time is serious. Bringing the center of gravity lower, baggy clothes can hide body defects and entitle a more relaxed look. How much ground will these pants conquer in 2016 is only a matter of speculation at the moment.

Leather is again taken in account for more and more clothe types, although it takes some boldness to cover yourself in this material. Leather shirts and leather pants will account for a big part of the shock and novelty introduced by the New Year. Animal prints seem to have migrated for women fashion and designers are eager to explore their utilization on the male body. Although they are controversial and rely on one’s taste for eccentricity, it will be interesting to judge their success in 2016.

Fur promises to have a strong impact in men fashion, at least for the cold season. With its powerful impact and bulky look, a fur coat will always promote masculinity, while offering unmatched properties in term of heat insulation and wind protection. Always oversized, and reaching ¾ of the body length, fur is worn in black or brown during the 2015-2016 winter season.

A look to the past is always welcomed to freshen-up the world of fashion, and this year’s choices are oriented towards the ’70.  Expect a small time travel each time you see someone wearing neo-seventies pants or jackets. Even sport equipment goes back to does golden years when fonts and colors were so clumsy and strangely used. The trip to the past brings back a bit of minimalism, although exploring multiple type of prints on different clothes is at its highest level.

High boots are an element no man can lack from its wardrobe. Suitable for all kinds of weather and seriously limiting discomfort, high boots are both trendy and practical. Although they look good on all men body types, tall men are favored in a special way by earring them. Although many new colors are conquering important ground in men shoe ware, when it comes to tall boots, only black and dark brown can impose as viable options.

Even men grooming seems to make a loop towards older times, and wearing a beard has become more common than one or two decades ago. With so many styles to choose from, there are virtual no limits to the ways in which you can wear your beard. We are still eager to see when moustaches will make a strong comeback, attempting to change the accepted definition of male appeal and attractiveness.

Like in any other year, it is hard to know at the beginning which trend will catch to the public and which one will exit the scene in failure. Sometimes, it is just a matter of showing people what to buy, but it can go the other way round. The street is often the biggest fashion corrector, where men are able to see and judge what works and what doesn’t work for them.




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