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2016 Spring Fashion Tips! Must Haves For Daily Wear!

spring fashion 2016

This year’s Spring Fashion Week has made its statement and thank goodness most of the trends are certainly wearable for us on a daily basis, and here it is! We picked some awesome key trends in this year’s spring for you to look stylish and trendy, while keeping a huge chunk of your money, safe. Read on!

No, we’re not talking about shoes (although slip-on shoes à la bedroom slippers made appearances, seen in Balenciaga) but slip on dress making a comeback this year. Sexy yet stylish, the dress gives off a boudoir look, and can be worn and layered under a leather jacket for a full-blown sexiness. Match the look with bedroom eyes (seen in Alexander Wang) and you’re good to go.

Something that you can wear for both casual and formal is by layering a shirt under a sleeveless dress, with the key is to layer the right color and finishes for each occasion. For a most basic ensemble, white, crisp shirt with satiny black sleeveless dress – works every time.

A notable trend that we see is off-shoulder dresses and tops making appearances on the runway. Comes in the form of spaghetti tops or something unique with classic vibes seen at Proenza Schouler, this style is wearable and flattering, perfect for both day and night. Tip: pair it with palazzo/wide-leg pants to complete the whole ensemble.

Loud is one of the key them in spring 2016

Apart from kinds of dresses and tops seen, patterns and colors showcased in each runway certainly won’t go unnoticed – rich, vivid colors that are ‘loud’. Not just plain, solid color, but we’re talking splash of intense hues to make a statement.

This ‘loud’ theme also echoes on patterns such as stripes (wide and bold-looking ones) seen in Prada and Missoni, gingham squares that makes you think of picnics, flattering to every shape and sizes, or perhaps tie-dyes, batik printing, or beach-like patterns (think Maui or Bali) as if to prepare for the next season.

Details as additions to the dress are also obvious and they are all about making a statement. Ruffles create romantic vibes as showcased in Michael Kors and Roberto Cavalli and these ruffles are made to be the main accessory. And something unexpected such as mirror-like embellishments also seen in a number of designers – futuristic-like or simply looking effortlessly shiny, in the right places. Take a cue from Louis Vuitton and you’ll see how it works when hitting the clubs.

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