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4 Things Single Women Should Before they Meet Mr. Right


Finding that special man might be a daunting experience for some women while many are still optimistic others have thrown in the towel. But what if single women limit the time they spend focusing so much on finding Mr. Right and mulling over bad experiences and instead spent time more working on themselves?

Desperately searching for Mr. Right can lead to series of bad choices; also giving up on finding love because of a few bad experiences isn’t the smartest thing to do. Instead, slowing down, getting to know who you are and more about what you want is a sure way to prepare yourself for next relationship. While getting older and still being single can be frustrating, sometimes we forget that being single is a great opportunity to work on ourselves. Here are a few things a women should do before they meet Mr Right.

1. Invest in yourself: Investing in yourself should be a constant thing whether you are waiting for Mr. Right or married with kids. But so often, we forget to spend the time to assess how we want to grow in our lives and how we can start depositing more in our lives before we settle down. Spend time to identify what failed in your last relationship (where you still trying to find yourself?) and work on being better for yourself and not for a man. How about working on being a better individual both in your personal and professional lives before being a great girlfriend/wife. Spend time asking yourself the tough questions like, where am I now? How do you want to grow? Where do I see myself 5 years from now? And then invest time in growing and being better.

2. Enjoy alone times: Often times we associate being alone with loneliness – big mistake. Investing in alone times as a single woman is possibly one of the best things she can do for herself. Alone times create an opportunity for women to make themselves a priority.  So often we invest so much time trying to find Mr. Right that we forget to make to make time for ourselves. Don’t think of it as selfish – look at it as a dedicating time for yourself to learn more about you and how you can be better.

3. Be clear on what you want: Don’t spend all your time chasing life or rushing to get things checked off your to-do list without first knowing your WHY. Often times, we rush into relationships without being clear on what we want in our relationships and why we want it.  Because your childhood best friend is getting married this year doesn’t mean you should too, everything come with timing. Spend time to get clear on what you want so that you will be better able to bring value to your next relationship.

4. Embrace and love who you are: Self-love and self-acceptance are the first steps to truly loving and giving wholeheartedly to others. When a woman knows who she is and embraces her flaws regardless of what anything else thinks, it is one of the most powerful things she can ever do for herself and her potential partner.

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