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5 Best Makeup Products



The first thing you need to understand is keeping the hues subtle. The makeup products you are going to use in spring of 2015 need to be of natural and subtle colors. Beauty benefit creams and sunscreens are essential for your look in the spring. You need to make sure your beauty benefit cream is exactly of the same tone as your original skin complexion. Your skin tone does not require an extra shimmer or elevation in the spring. You need to embrace your naturalness and tone down the drama in your makeup.



The next thing is a must have for spring makeup! You need to have a white eye pencil. With a white eye pencil, you will be able to add color and beauty to your eyes instead of adding black to them.


You can also get some colored eye liners and enjoy flaunting them with your everyday look. A fashion tip is to match your eye liner with your earrings. This creates a huge difference in your appearance!

Lighter lip colors are definitely trending this spring. You need to get some light pink shades, light brown shades and even some nude lip colors to stay completely natural and gorgeous! Spring needs to sustain your natural beauty. Nude lip colors are always going to add finesse to your look without appearing very different. Nobody will know you are wearing your favorite nude color unless you tell them!


Eye shadows also need to stay on the low. You can wear colorful eye shadows such as blue, green and pink; but they need to be light in shade. Add a little sparkle to your look by wearing shimmery eye shadows this spring!








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