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5 Tips On How To Keep You Motivated


                Motivation is the supreme form of energy someone can experience, and it’s able to drag everything and everyone towards success and accomplishment. But motivation is also an allusive and scarce resource, which is hard to find and maintain for a long period of time. This article will provide some commonly used shortcuts and methods for filling up the empty glass and fueling your life again.

                Start early

Everyone targeting to get far from their initial position should consider starting the “journey” as early as possible. Getting up early in the morning is one of the healthiest routine you could possibly add to your list of good habits. Although early hours are dreaded by most members of the working class, they are in fact the most productive, and can quickly jump start your efforts towards having a great day. This is true across all professions and other categories of human activities. Delaying work and duties up until the very last moment can leave little room for quality, enjoyment and motivation.

Take care of yourself

                The way you chose to look reflects the mood and atmosphere in which you expect the things to come. We often neglect our exterior appearance because we consider it as an unimportant factor in the equation of success. This is a toxic approach because during what we do, short introspections reflected back at us will show that the way we look and feel are all compromises of the current situation and our devotion to the things we do. This tip is so simple to be put in practice, and so effective, nobody should toss is aside. When I am speaking about taking care of yourself, I am referring to basic habits like showering each day, getting a fresh haircut at least once a month and wearing the right type of cloth. Of course, upon scenario, everyone is able to shift towards a more casual or formal personal image.


Is there time for pause in an age in which everything is in continuous motion? The obvious answer is yes. Human productivity is in reverse proportion with the amount of time worked without a break. We are still not robots and pretending to be will only scare away the little motivation remaining. Taking regular breaks is seen as sin and laziness in the corporate environment, when in fact is just as normal as sleeping. Our ability to stay focused for longer periods of time requires a lot of resources from our body, resources which are sometimes spent in vain. So the next time you feel like motivation is gradually saying goodbye to you, take a break, get on equal terms with the amount of sleep your body needs, or even consider if it’s time to escape in a vacation.

Welcome success by studying success

There is nothing more rewarding for your resources of motivation than to see that someone else already found a way towards success. Having someone raising the bar well above should give you the comfort that you have plenty of space to grow and plenty of records to beat. Having the opportunity to see and dissect the road travelled from project upon completion can feed hope and enthusiasm, but also leave some room for envy and disappointment if things from your side don’t follow the same path. Patience and balance are essential qualities you need to acquire or improve if you plan to learn the way from the best. This leads us to the last tip that will be included here.


Balance is the secret that makes everything work with the correct amount of resources and inside a reasonable span of time. Ups and downs in someone’s life, although very common and perfectly normal, constitute a roller-coaster which feeds on motivation. And if you arrive at the same altitude, you can be sure that your motivation will be at its record low. Balance is all about keeping a steady course and avoiding fast leaps, either down or up. Natural, organic, day-by-day growth might not seem as much in a time in which instant results are wanted, but if you manage to be aware that your “train” is moving and it’s moving in the right direction, motivation will be there for you.

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