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7 Tips to Get Your Mate to Open Up


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Like in any other social scenario, efficient and correct communication is the glue that bonds two people together faster than anything else. Once the barrier of words is broken, you’ve installed a “broadband” on which feeling and thoughts travel can travel without being altered or distorted. There is now nothing in the way of your relationship being labeled as a happy one. But how to you get there?

Taking a vacation to a far away country, where nobody speaks your language or going to a remote place where there is no one else around is an excellent way to determine your partner to open to you. It is proven that even strangers get along, as long as they have something in common or they are different from the rest of those around. The coalition between those alike is a strong law of nature and you could make it work in your favor if your relationship is struggling.


You don’t always need to go far away in order to get your relationship in a better shape. Team building is a much appreciated technique for making people work together, despite differences. When it comes to a couple, that team is reduced to two, but the same principle applies. There are many games and sports that are best practiced in two.

Getting outdoor and embracing something like tennis, biking, or kayaking will guarantee that your bond grows stronger. Endorphins released by the brain during physical activities will work to induce a state of well being long after the activity is ended.

It comes very natural to open up when it comes to learning something new. Why not face it? We all know a tiny fraction from what a person could learn if its entire life would have been devoted to acquiring knowledge and skills. There are plenty of excuses to brush aside the opportunity to learn a new instrument or a new language, but not if you are a couple searching for something fun to do together.

Of course, more practical activities like sculpting or collecting things can provide even more fun. Whatever you chose to do, expect plenty of communication between you and your mate, as you both struggle to do your best. Along the way, make sure, your also share the same genuine enthusiasm.

Taking some time apart can work miracles in the life of a couple struggling to reach newer levels of understanding. There is nothing more romantic than reencountering the one you truly love at train station or airport terminal. Short periods of alone time can convince the two of you that your life is meant to be shared with the other. Seeking some time off a relationship is a natural sign. Any other activity you are involved during your life needs the same reset from time to time in order to regenerate its resources. It’s as natural as the cycle of seasons.


When nothing works, and you are still stuck at sentences without meaning, asking for someone from the outside to assist your struggle could be an excellent hack. That third person could start as being a close friend, family member and if you still struggle, a therapist. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help and admit the weakness of your relationship. Sooner or later it will emerge and it’s better to be honest about it. The temporary hub for communication could act as a “translator” and “referee”, making sure you both play by the rules.

Compromise is a word most of us hate. It means giving up and taking some steps back. But when everything else fails, it’s time to dump the unnecessary luggage in order to keep the ship floating. Making sacrifices can determine your partner to see your better side and could encourage him/her to open up.

Having fun is probably the easiest way to the heart of someone else. There is no greater pleasure in this world than to laugh from all your heart and to be with someone doing the same thing. Such an experience can remain well engraved in memory and both of you could cherish it for a long time.


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