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A Season Of Killing

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Article By Thought Provoking Perspectives John T. Wills


Long, long, long ago in a place the slaves called “merica” where a group of European’s [white folk] who claimed to have discovered a “New World”. This was a place people were living and had a significant culture for thousands of years while most European’s struggled to survive. They told us they were the first and brought civilization to the land they stole killing off most of the inhabitants. They said it was done because it was God’s will and that he ordained them to rule the earth, which they called Christianity.

It was the beginning of the most wretched horrors and brutality not known since the crucifixion of Christ. All done, while these so-called Founding Father’s enslaved human beings and kept them as chattel for their own greed to establish a privilege for themselves that has lasted to modern times as they believe – it was God who decreed such authority upon them. Then use God and religion to steal the minds of those they oppressed.

There have been many atrocities during the African American story. One of the most horrifying of such was a dreadful wave of lynching and anti-Negro violence that permeated the very fiber of America during my grand father’s lifetime. Lynching was so pervasive during this time; including race riots started by whites that inflicted devastation upon black lives across the nation.

This period was called “Red Summer” referring to the summer and fall of 1919, in which race riots exploded in a number of cities in both the North and South. The reason I am reminded of the stories my grandfather told me about his youth is because I tell similar stories to my grandson today. The past summer was a lot like history repeating itself as we witnessed a bloody summer with countless unarmed black men killed at the hands of law enforcement that have resurrected the term “Pig”.

They said video cameras on every cop would solve the problem shortly after Michael Brown was murdered shot at more than a dozen times and hit six times dying in the street – left like an animal. White folk would not treat their dog in such a manor. Shortly thereafter we saw the video of the choking death of Eric Garner. The rules changed and guess what; not enough evidence to bring charges against the killers. However, some friend of a politician will supply the cameras to their agency and will get paid well.

I could go on until all of the ink in the world is gone but what would be the point! Because history has recorded that the American Dream was and is more of a nightmare for people of color; particularly those of African descent. So I will stop here and simply ask that you look into your souls white Americans and them me that you can’t see what we see. Or is it that you don’t want to accept the sins of your forefathers who were so wretched and cruel. Knowing that as a beneficiary of the system they built – you too have blood you your hands.

If you and I can see the same history and you have a different conclusion. One or two things are happening here; you know what your people told you is a lie or you are just as racist as they were. The usual response when ask is that “it was in the past, get over it”. To that I say, we are continually reminded not to forget the attacks of “911” that killed a few thousands but want black America to forget the million of black people white folks killed from 1619 to present. We will not forget!!! And that’s my thought provoking perspective…

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