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Best Beauty Moisturizing Tips, For Every Skin Types


Using moisturizer is a no brainer for us (it keeps our skin moisturizer, isn’t it), but unfortunately for some of us, we’re using them incorrectly that instead of protecting our skin we end up making our skin issues a lot worse. Read on, you’d be surprised how cans of your favorite cream of hydration doesn’t work as it used to be.

The basic key in having the right moisturizer is to ensure that it’s the right match for your skin type – no matter how big the ‘breakthrough’ formulation the cream has, if it doesn’t match it less likely to be compatible with your skin.

And essentially there are three main skin types: oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin, with sub-types fall between these three that are mature/aging skin, sensitive, or (the ever perfect) normal skin. Keep in mind, these skin types is not really a fix for a lifetime as its common for your skin to act differently as the weather/season changes, or even when you’re hormonal and/or diseases strike on you.

There, now you’d be worried about how to choose the right moisturizer after this. Do not fret.

The right moisturizer for your skin

As the name, oily skin means that the oil glands within the dermis layer is more active compared to other skin types – you’ll look shiny as soon as 20 minutes after washing your face. The good thing about this extra oil is, it adds a bit of sun protection, though the downside would be your skin is more vulnerable to trap dirt, debris, and germ, making them a perfect breeding place for acne. To reduce a little bit of richness, light creams or lotions is the way to go.

Dry skin, is the opposite of oily skin; red, irritated, and flaky skin akin to sensitive skin (in fact, sensitive skin is the severe form of dry skin). Hence, you need to add some richness to your parched skin such as rich emollients or natural oils (coconut is highly recommended) to moisturize your skin thoroughly.

A word of caution here, take note if your dry skin evolves to sensitive – it means you need to make sure your chosen moisturizer free from preservatives and acid such as AHAs. Use organic products as they have fewer ingredients and couple them with itch reliever to calm irritated skin.

Combination skin can be quite tricky, as you have both oily and dry skin at the same time. To be safe, a light lotion is a good start, and you can apply more of the product where your skin normally dries. Having this type of skin myself, my personal tip would be to add extra skin routine – apply a thin layer of natural oil to dry skin before bedtime to keep it moisturize for the next day.

As mature/aging skin really comes from skin types mentioned above, you can continue to use moisturizer that you used to, though for aging skin is highly recommended that you have a retinol as your best friend – choose one that has in the moisturizer for a start to keep your skin younger for longer.

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