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Christmas Vacation Ideas for Singles

              christmas vacation for singles

The time of the year when people get together more often and enjoy each other’s presence is not exactly the ideal scenario for someone stuck with being single. The town can be quite a depressing sight for someone wandering on the streets having only its loneliness as a companion. But Christmas is also about taking a vacation from your daily routine, a vacation which can offer you an exit ticket to a place far from judgment, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs.

The biggest problem with being single, while the majority enjoys having a partner around, is that you fear questions, you fear putting yourself on the table for a thorough examination, intended to reveal the reasons behind your current social status. It’s a normal human reaction for a group to question those which are different from the establish norms. But it’s also true that it’s up to you only to leave behind solitude and engage in a relationship. From this point of view, any plan regarding your Christmas holydays should either put some distance between you and the critics, or help you conquer some vital steps towards a new relationship.

Travelling to an exotic place, where Christmas becomes only a distant event, happening at the antipodes, can be seen as the best alternative for your trouble. Disguised as a tourist, you are less likely to raise eyebrows for being unaccompanied, while the new sights, cultures, and ways of life you discover will surely leave no time for rumination or other contemplative actions. Travelling can offer you the insight that life goes on everywhere around the world and it doesn’t need to be textbook perfect. Our western mentality has been gradually built around the things we have to do and achieve in order to be happy. We no longer listen to distant cries coming from deep inside our hearts, but obey the common grounds society already assembled for us.

Nature can be the ultimate redeemer for a lonely heart, as it treats anything equally and with the same indifference. Far from the shackles of society, reduced to the bare necessities of living, the individual can heal its spiritual wounds and rediscover itself. The proper term to describe the experience would be a “walkabout”. Of course, because Christmas comes packed with snow and cold weather for the northern hemisphere, an extra care should be taken when venturing too far inside Mother Nature. A cabin in the woods can be a great place to reflect on your existence and be grateful for what is already there.

Religious individuals can use their Christmas holyday as an opportunity to travel at the heart of their belief. What better place than the Holy Land to spend time reflecting on the values of Christianity, while leaving behind at home all the mercantilism behind this holyday, which has made the red Santa Claus the big hero of the day. Jerusalem and Bethlehem can bring you on the first footsteps of your belief, and this is a guaranteed cure for a lonely heart.

Of course, no travelling budget, and no appeal towards the great outdoors, can you leave you with no option than to spend your vacation at home. Don’t despair yet. The holydays can be a great time to reignite past friendships and spend precious moments going out with old friends or relatives. The winter season also sets in a proper mood for finding the right person and escape solitude. All you have to do is engage in as many social interactions you could possibly attend. No luck will ever come to you if you choose to stay hidden behind closed doors and expand your understanding over your situation. Taking action is the only way to welcome results and ultimately embrace change. Christmas is the perfect time of the year for attending concerts, holyday markets, thematic parties, or simply enjoying snow (of course, if you live below certain latitude). Gift giving can put a broad array of feelings on the table and often facilitates interactions that eventually lead to new relationship.

Overall, Christmas can be a great momentum generator for your efforts in the year to come. Either you chose to go away from your problems, hoping that a new place will give you the answer, or stay in your town for Christmas, you are in for some great time.

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