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Creative Beauty Gift Baskets

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If you can’t find a gift basket of your choice, you can make your own by decorating a cane basket with whatever you want. Homemade gift baskets are even better than those you find in stores. They can be made using materials you already have at home. Here you will find beautiful and creative gift basket ideas.

1. Tassels


You can transform any basket into a unique piece of art with the help of tassels. Select the string of colors of your choice, cut them and fasten the pieces into individual tassel elements. To turn your basket from simple to stylish, sew these tassels onto your basket.

2. Ribbon Flower

The ribbon flowers are beautiful. You can either buy them or make it at home. Glue these ribbon flowers on the outer side of basket or sew them in. The ribbon is also great for storage.

3. Colorful buttons


Button up your gift basket. To get this pretty multi-colored basket, you just need glue and buttons of different colors. Just stick beautiful buttons to your basket. Colorful buttons will make an amazing homemade gift basket.

4. Artificial Garland


To make a beautiful gift basket, put a garland of artificial autumn leaves around the basket. This lovely gift basket can be used as a decoration item as well.

5. Christmas Theme



Christmas theme is a good idea for creating a beautiful gift basket for Christmas presents. Just wrap red or green fur around the basket and make a bow with golden shimmery ribbon.

Hopefully, you will enjoy making these homemade gift baskets that are both easy and inexpensive.



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