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Derma Roller: Pros and Cons


Derma roller is among the finest technology every produced. This roller is a multi-purpose technology used for benefitting the overall health of a person. No matter how much it might benefit you; there are some cons that come along with this Derma roller. Following are the pros and cons of the Derma roller to make it easier for you to use it or not.


The derma roller is noted to reduce scars and acne marks on your skin. It also reduces the stretch marks from all over your body. This roller can also be used on your scalp to stimulate hair growth and have healthier, thicker hair.

One of the major benefits of this roller is the improvement in skin texture from the daily use of this roller. You will see a gradual reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and marks on your face. Not only that, this amazing technology costs less than $30.


You must know that you can never share your derma roller with anyone. The shared roller can cause infections for your skin. Despite how close you are with someone, you cannot possibly share your roller with anyone at home or work.

While the derma roller is extremely beneficial, it might cause temporary bleeding on your scalp and skin. Along with that, the derma roller needs to be disinfected every time before you use it on your scalp or skin. You need to make sure it is completely sterile before use.

The micro needle technology of the Derma roller is amazingly reasonable in price and its effectiveness cannot be denied. Derma roller can be used on your skin of the entire body, your face and your scalp.



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