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Swoosh. The sound of the transit bus door closing left her feeling uneasy. The driver spared her one last look. Shaking his head before pulling off. She stood there for a moment looking left and right. Something was not right. Clutching her coat tighter against the brisk wind Sarah began her track home. The wind was fierce that night whipping against her as if wanting to punish her for the audacity of being alone woman out at such a late hour. Lifting her head and opting to ignore the cold blasts fervor Sarah walked on with determination.

She could hear her Nana’s sage voice in her head. “It just ain’t right gal. You come home late every night. It just ain’t right for no young gal.” Grandma expertly and sufficiently moved around the kitchen preparing Sunday nights dinner. Suddenly stopping she turned around. What she held in her hand caused Sarah to gasp in shock.

“You need not look so surprised. A woman got to do what she’s got to do,” Sauntering closer to Sarah she extended her hand.
Sarah could only stare at her beloved Nana’s offering.
“Look at me,” the stern command caused Sarah to jump. She had no choice to obey.

“This here was your grandpa’s,” Her grandma paused as if remembering the past. “He gave it to me in our second year of marriage,” She chuckled softly. “My reaction was pretty much the same as yours is now. We carried on so, I was just tired and accepted it. Not in a million years would I utilize it.”

Grandma returned her attention to her pots. “I’ve never regretted either,” her voice was laced with steeled conviction. “Now you be obedient. You do not have to bother nobody to attract trouble.”
Sarah pulled herself from the past. A shiver ran up her spine clutching her coat tighter, Sarah realized that it wasn’t from the cold. Something was not right. She began to walk faster. She heard a noise from her left. Not bothering with an investigation with accelerated breath she walked faster.

At the sound of the second noise her stomach dropped. She knew it then. She was being stalked! She was the prey. She heard her Nana’s voice again. “Sarah, you must always expect the unexpected. No one is exempt from the good or the bad. You know who taught me that? Life. I know you want self improvement; but them late hour you keep just isn’t right.”

Sarah felt the tears began its descent down her cheeks. She was a product of the projects her mother and her grandmother were all product of the projects. Sarah was determined to break the cycle. She attended college by day on a scholarship and at night she worked. Her life was routine she suddenly realized. She was easy picking for a would be stalker. But she was determined to have the quality of life she so richly deserved. The hairs on the nape of her neck began to stand up, the sudden goosebumps forming on her arms, was an indicator, that something was terribly amiss.

She suddenly sensed the presence of someone was behind her. Stalking her. Sarah frantically pondered the danger she was facing. She only wanted to better her quality of life. She read in a prominent African American magazine about how more and more African American was graduating from college to later become gainfully employed. She wanted that! That was four years ago. She was in her last year of college.

Already she had a six figure income job opportunity awaiting her. She had to survive. Surely God was not ready for her yet.
Sarah walked faster. Her stalkers pace speed up as well. Sarah began to half jog and half run. There was no one else out Even the moon withheld its presence. She was completely alone. She began to run. Her stalker pursued.

“Help me! Somebody help me! Sarah cried. “Please, someone help me!” Her cries of help became her litany as she fought for her life. The sound of her beat pounding loudly in her ears. She embraced the sound, it reminded her that she was alive, and she was determined to stay that way. Her tears where nearly blinding her. Sarah made no attempt to stop them from falling. She was reserving her energy for the fight of her life.

The fallen debris on the pavement caused her to stumble; but she was determined to survive the night. Sarah heard her assailant stumble and knew he fell by the grunt he expelled. She didn’t spare a backward glance. Determination galvanizing her into action. She darted into an abandoned building trying to control her labored breathing for in the empty dilapidated structure sound was maximized. She heard him. She felt the evil his aura was projecting into the atmosphere.
Sarah braced herself against the wall and prayed. The silence was frightening.

Every sound caused her to leap in fear. She heard him. He was laughing softly. The sound of glass crunching under his feet was heard. Trembling she pressed her lips together and continued to pray. She thought about her life. Sarah had her life all mapped out. She would become a lawyer and marry a lawyer and together they would have two kids a boy and girl.

Their names were already picked out and they would live in the suburbs with two golden retrievers named Rosa Bell and Lula Bell. Her life. Her life. Her litany changed. She was determined to survive this night! She was determined to survive this night! He was there. Her stalker. He was advancing upon her. She could smell his pungent odor. He smelled of urine, smoke, and evil.
He saw her. Licking his lips he offered her a sinister smile. He was evil. His garments gave testament of his character. He was dressed in all black. Her stalker eyes were the color of midnight. He was Satan in reincarnation. He knelt down rocking from side to side. This was a game to him, Sarah realized. How many other women has he preyed upon? Ruining their future because of his demented proclivity.

Sarah remained still focusing on the dark one. He stood slowly as if growing weary of the game. Walking slowly he stopped within a feet of her. Surprise etched across his dark features. He tilted his head left clearly doubting her. He smiled revealing broken yellow teeth. He then lunged for her. But she was determined! She fired!


Time stopped everything was slow motion. The dark one hitting the ground in total disbelief. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably. The sun had set for the deviant. Sarah crumpled on to the dirty floor. Reaching for her purse which concealed the weapon her Nana gave her she pulled out her cellular. She determinedly dialed 911 with a trembling but determined voice she uttered “Hello. I just did the world a justice.”

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