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Fall Hat Fashions



fall hats

Each fall brings with it a new wave of clothes and accessories that must enter somehow in your wardrobe. Designers are finally ready to unleash from the drawing board their new ideas and visions, forging battles to be crowned as the most inspired or outrageous. Shops are ready to receive on their shelves the new lines of clothes and devise new marketing strategies.

Hats had really done this time. We will explore in detail some hat trends for women, everybody is talking about. Hats made from fur are currently the most noteworthy options available, being included in collections launched by Badgley Mischka, Rebecca Minkoff, and Crosby Derek. Everybody loves fur because it gives volume to the head and it’s comfortable to wear in the cold season. Having little dead animals on your head will always be considered cute and innocent. We will probably witness a trend similar in popularity with that of uggs.


Knitted hats never lost their place as essential pieces for the fall/winter seasons. For the approaching season they are again having a moment, coming with a big diversity of looks and types. Designers had played with colors and patterns just enough to make you want to buy the new models released. Knitted hats are less pretentious to wear and look both comfortable and chic.

Berets will always make you think about French elegance and are suitable for women of any height and any face shape. Among the designers who opted to equip their models with berets for the new collection we can mention John Galliano, Ralph Lauren and Badgley Mischka. The classic beret is now enhanced with sequins, knitted flowers, stones or beads.

Don’t think for a moment that designers had forgotten to include more classical shapes for hats in their collection. The Amish hats presented by Tibi were definitely the stars of the catwalk. Another remarkable presence was the oversized bowler hats suggested by Emporio Armani. Taking the cowboy hat     and scaling it just enough to look good on a woman’s head was another recipe for success. Wearing it brings a touch of masculinity and can be seen as a statement of the growing influence and power women tend to have in our modern society. The bigger the better may seem to be the motto for this fall’s newly launched trends. What women wouldn’t want to add a few inches to her height?

For men, options regarding the right hat to wear largely depend on age and social statute. Once considered mandatory for a man going out in public, the fedora has travelled a long way to become the symbol of the confident man, able to be a trendsetter inside his group. This type of hats is witnessing a real comeback this fall. Obviously you cannot pair a fedora with jeans and a polo shirt. They are only an appropriate accent for more elaborate outfits.

The porkpie is somehow similar to a fedora, but with a flat top instead of a concave crown. The brim is also shorter and turned up. The hat originates from the jazz, blues, and ska culture, and has become a bold fashion statement for men.

Hats have always been the spoiled kid of the fashion world. They have a less important practical role and have become a statement of boldness and trend. Wearing a hat means you want to be stand out and attract attention. At the same time, it is easy to experiment with hats, until you find a style that suits you.

A hat can always boost your appearance and make you look more confident. But be prepared to accept the fact that there are people destined to wear hats and those who aren’t. You will need to find out on which side you sit and accept the fact. Not being a very popular accessory, a hat can pin-point you out of an amorphous crowd and become your trademark item.


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