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Fall Micro Trends


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When you’re thinking of transforming your wardrobe but don’t have anything to do, you need add detailing to your look. Detailing is the best fashion strategy to be unique and personal about whatever you’re flaunting. In the fashion shows recently, micro fashion seems to be emerging in different brands and accessories collections and it is just awesome!

The first thing you need to do is add layers and detailing to your look. If you’re wearing a skirt, you need to wear a tank top accompanying another top with it. The micro patterns on the shirts will be the selling point of your look. Short skirts with embellishments are also super-hot this fall. One thing you cannot miss in your top is the oversized detailing. From oversized collars to oversized cuffs, you need them in your attire. This is the kind of detailing that makes micro fashion!

Fashion detailing becomes voracious when you add dramatic and exaggerating accessories to your look. If you want to step over the edge, you can simply wear nose rings and chin accessories. This is what micro fashion promotes; exaggeration, boldness and chic fashion style. You can use your old accessories and make them look exaggerated on your attire. Micro fashion is easy to pull off!

When talking of accessories, how can you forget shoes? You need to have dramatic shoes that are just crossing the boundaries of sanity! You can select sexy fur boots, sandals and pointed heels that are at least 2 inches bigger than your toes. This is what micro fashion is all about; embracing the weird fashion detailing and flaunting it like a boss!

This fall, experiment a little and dare to wear something that does not follow the rules!

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