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Fun Summer Fashion Tips


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With the excruciating heat all we really want to do is sleep in our air conditioned rooms! But since we cannot do that all the time, we need some fun fashion tips to rock the summer in a trendy way. Here are a few tips to guide everyone into staying cool in an amazingly heated city!

Tie your hair! The first tip is to always keep your hair tied. Since the heat is increasing by the day, you wouldn’t want to have frizzy hair that gets damaged in the humidity. A fun way of tying up your hair is making messy braids. The braids don’t seem to go out of fashion! Messy fishtails; Dutch tails and French tails are here to stay. Tie your hair messily and put some flowers in them to look refreshing and trendy.

Put on your sunscreen wherever you go! You need to make sure you put on a layer of sunscreen wherever you go. Whether you’re heading out to the park or even for a walk in the morning, you must put on the sunscreen. This is a fun and easy way of enjoying the outside heat without getting irritated on your skin!

Wear soft fabrics. You need to start buying some cotton pants, lace tops and cotton crop tops. Let go of denim for a while and enjoy wearing cotton and flexible fabric. You will be amazed at the kind of ease and comfort you’re provided with. Wear pastel colors so your clothes don’t absorb heat. You will get to have a lot of fun without feeling hot!

Light color for lips and nails! Why let go of your favorite makeup accessories in the summer? You just have to tone down the hues and enjoy wearing your favorite lip colors and nail colors matching with your attire!

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