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Gain A Customer, Gain A Soul

Article by  Nachae’ Jones

Successful Business People.

Matthew 4:19-20 (NIV)

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”


In a recent Bible study we discussed the mandate for each believer to do the work of an evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5). When the topic of fishing came up, I immediately thought of the patriarchs of my family and the many stories I’ve heard about the skills and techniques necessary for a successful fisherman. With a mind to never separate business and ministry, I couldn’t help but associate the pros and cons of fishing with the encouragement and discouragement that can sometimes come with entrepreneurship and soul-winning. Even a business owner, I cannot shake the fact that for each customer that I service, God is expecting a Kingdom encounter.


1. When my Grandfather goes out fishing, he is mindful of the season and prepares accordingly. To ensure that he catches the fish he is wishing to capture, he will sometimes wear rain boots or special gear necessary for the weather or (atmosphere) of his prospect (1 Corinthians 9:22). Are you willing to become all things to all men? Being able to meet a soul right where they are?

2. Depending on the type of fish my family is seeking to catch depends on the bait they use; some live, some fake, some colorful, some odorless etc. Knowing your audience and the common ground you two share is important to gain the attention of a specific people. Why approach an engineer with a guitar? Every now and again you’ll get an engineer who enjoys the guitar but why not jump to the punch and go with what you know? You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


3. Sometimes as a fisherman, businessman, believer etc. you’re going to feel used. Have you ever gone fishing and after not “feeling” anything you lift the rod only to find out that the fish had been nibbling on your bait? One moment you put your “best” bait down and lift it only to find a small piece stuck to the hook. When dealing with individuals we have to be at such a place of maturity that we recognize that the goodness of God will attract individuals, some that will leave us feeling “used.” However, when not bound by rejection or offense, we can glory in the fact of knowing they received what they needed.


4. When going after huge or stubborn fish, my family always makes sure they have a strong enough rod. Is your product, pitch, solution etc. strong enough to grab your audience and lift them into your “boat”? Do you yourself believe in what it is you’re trying to service to the people? If you came face to face with a shark would you have the strength or “authority” to lift it without it taking control?


5. After catching a fish you have the option of throwing it back into the sea or storing “them” in your boat. If deciding to store them, you have to maintain the creature’s environment or safe place of habitation to ensure the life of the creature. You wouldn’t put a fresh water fish in a salt-water bucket and expect it to survive. When marketing or witnessing to an individual are you considering what it takes to keep the individual or just to capture them? Before pursuing we have to cost the costs of whether we can follow through with the pursuit (Luke 14:28).


To all my CEOs…when dealing with a customer, never disregard the soul you’ve come in contact with. You may be the only “Jesus” they know.




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Nachae’, born in Philadelphia, PA always had a heart and appreciation for art and creativity. However, she decided to pursue higher education at Spelman College in Psychology and Philosophy. While her aspirations were to secure a career in corporate America, she was willing to exchange her personal desires for the divine call of God. After graduating from college, God created an opportunity for her to gain a job as a professional photographer, specializing in Children Photography. When clients and the demand for her artistic pieces began to grow, Nachae’ launched Rhèma Word Photography, LLC as her gift and passion for photography enabled the Word of God to spread in an unconventional way by avenues of art.

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