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Gossip:The Intent to Kill By Jacqueline Stewart

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Much respect due to author Jacqueline Stewart for bolding tackling the issue and effect of gossip. “Gossip “The Intent to Kill” is a book about being restored from the damage of Gossip.” Words can be a strong weapon; they can build- up or destroy and alter a person life.
Jacqueline Stewart highlights three major parts that gossip causes.

1. The harmful effects of gossip
2. Places gossip will cause you to run
3. How to recover from gossip

Jaqueline Stewart is boldly transparent as she shares her experience with gossip; she offers tools via biblical principle and personal struggles that will aid readers who have been hurt by gossip.

Author: Jacqueline Stewart
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Reviewed By: Vanessa Richardson (The Certain Ones Online Magazine Reviews)


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