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Growing Pains:Kendras Diaries, Author K.P. Smith


Interview by Adrienna Turner

Author of “The Day Begins with Christ”

Author K.P. Smith latest novel is Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries. I would like to introduce you to Kendra Foster. She’s smack in the middle of growing up. Teenagers! She has problems at home and with her family. She thought making cheerleader would solve all of her problems, well maybe some of them, but it caused a major one she didn’t see coming. High school is quickly approaching and her dreams of attending The Academy seem more impossible with each passing day. Every time she thinks she has the answers; they change the question. But never count her out. Her story is one of determination, perseverance and strength. It is a coming of age story that will make you laugh, you might even cry; one thing for sure you will be inspired.
Publisher: Doin It Publishing.

Adrienna Turner (from the Adrienna Turner Show): What are you soaring for?

K.P. Smith: Peace, happiness, health and everything life has to offer. Yes I have a bucket list and a never ending to-do-list. But I have learned those things are a just a blueprint. Each day we wake up is filled with new possibilities and adventures. Life is like a stream of water; we have to go with the flow. When I put my head on my pillow at the end of each day no matter what has transpired, I know I gave it my best and I look forward to doing it again!

AT: Share one of your dreams and how are you putting forth effort to make it a reality.

K.P. Smith: I always wanted to write a book so I did. While writing the book I decided to write a series. The series is titled Growing Pains and it is geared to the young adult audience. The first book: Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries has been out since June 2011. I am currently working on the second book tentatively titled Growing Pains: New Beginnings.

The series is designed to encourage, motivate and inspire the youth through the “maze” of growing up.

I had a lot of help through this process but I did most of the work on my own. The process was and continues to be a lot of trial and error. I published my book through my own publishing company Doin It Publishing. But I incorporated to publish only my own books.

Now the more I get out and talk about the book, I meet so many people saying they want to write a book or have started but don’t know what to do next. So, I decided to open my doors. Doin It Publishing is there to help. We welcome all authors but cater to new authors. We give them a helping hand and the guidance needed to make their own dreams come true.

AT: Tell us 4 things that people would love to know about you (we don’t already know).

K.P. Smith:
1) I am a mom of two sons.
2) I am an insurance adjuster by day.
3) I love sports, reading, and dancing.
4) I turned 40 last year and feel like I am coming into my own.

AT: Name your future plans and how you’re building on that dream.

K.P. Smith: Right now, I am focusing on building my publishing company, completing the Growing Pains Series and going around the country talking to the youth. I would also love to write for television and if the path opens up also for screenwriting for movies!

AT: Who are you bringing on the dream journey with you, if any?

K.P. Smith: My family and my entrusted friends that know me and support me.

AT: Who are you modeling after? Who inspires you?

K.P. Smith: The list would be endless but if I have to choose; Oprah, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. I love innovators and people who are always thinking “ahead of the times.”

AT: For authors, what advice would you give to your readers and/or other authors?

K.P. Smith: For my readers life is not a sprint. It is a marathon. It is not the destination but the joy, happiness, and fulfillment is all in the journey. Always remember to stay positive, keep it moving and never give up!!

For authors, there are two key points that I have learned along the way. First of all, even if you are writing the best book ever written, it will only become a best-seller if people are buying it. That is why when you decide to write a book, while you are writing it and every day thereafter; you have to focus on marketing! Marketing!!

Which brings me to my second point; everyone has the “answer” on how to be a successful author. Although I believe it is very important to know as much as you can about the industry and trends. It is even more important to realize just because something works for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you. There is that blueprint thing again. Read and learn everything you can and then keep trying and trying until you find out what works best for you.

Growing Pains:Kendras Diaries

K.P. Smith




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