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Happily Single? Truth of Myth?


Whether we like it or not, society looks with a bitter eye at those who don’t follow the long established rules and customs. Those who differ from the majority are being kept at distance and excluded in one way or another. For most of us, happiness usually involves, among others things, being loved by someone else and sharing the same feeling about that person. This is the supreme form of validation we could receive as an individual. Love is highly regarded as the supreme feeling we humans are capable to generate and a life without love is considered to lack essence.

There are many reasons that could explain why people find themselves kept outside relationships. Some lost along the way the capacity to trust other persons and are able to suppress every instinct to open for the world. Others were confronted with so many failures in their love life that they decided is time to give up any efforts. Depression or an older age could strip a person from the joy to live and render them destined for loneliness. However we look at things, most single people don’t enjoy their statute, and feel clueless about a solution.

The ability of a single person to be happy in his/her situation has been always a subject for dispute. If we judge by the fact that happiness is translated in fulfillment and, at a later age in life, the only source of fulfillment is having children and grandchildren, than we are entitled to never allow single people to be considered happy. If we label happiness as an undefined human emotion, capable of taking many forms and being a unique trademark of each individual, than happiness may find its way even for those who don’t follow the traditional recipe.

The question that addresses the possibility for a single person to be happy living this way can receive a clear and solid answer in some circumstances. Not all people share the same list of priorities. For some being loved by someone else and receiving validation from society may fall second or third to other aspects of life. For some renowned scientist, writers or artists, their work would be the focal point of their lives, leaving anything else in the shadow.  Their entire energy would be spent in the pursuit of a discovery or achievement so great and powerful, it would surpass any other satisfaction known by man. The parenthesis doesn’t end here and can include those who made a way of life from rejecting rules. You might consider them insane, but they are in fact revolutionaries and humans with a vision of things way ahead of their times. Closely sharing a life with another person is for them something superficial and so characteristic to the human nature, that they reject it. Any ties with a normal lifestyle is only draining their energy and holding them back from achieving their aspirations.

Couples won’t admit, but they will unconsciously consider a threat any individual that claims he achieves piece of mind by living a single life. That individual who is able to showcase the freedom he/she is enjoying by not being part of a relationship will never be welcomed around them.

The single most efficient way for a single person who struggles with his/her condition to achieve happiness is to not over think things. Thinking too much will always result in a buildup of negative emotions and preconceptions. That person will clutter its view over the situation with numerous ideas about how he/she does not deserve to be in a relationship due to personal flaws and deficiencies. He/she will eventually retreat inside itself, putting together the pieces and hoping to find an answer. A change in landscape and social environment is the best trick for convincing the mind to lose focus on such a disturbing concern. Such change is triggered by traveling and, yes, by enforcing this activity to become a habit, a single person can be indeed happy. The freedom to do anything, without depending on someone else for approval can be very exhilarating for certain individuals.

As a remainder, happiness is usually just a shell for a human being. Behind a smile and deep down inside the soul, the regret of not sharing all the wonderful experiences with someone else is latent and can resurface in a manner beyond control.

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