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How do you know if you are an Entrepreneur?




 For many people, the idea of leaving behind the 9 to 5 job and starting a business is probably a key feature of being more successful and living a more rewarding life. But not all succeed to get a firm grip on what is happening when you become your own boss and become responsible for managing time and other resources. You have to conduct a thorough examination of your personality and test your skills before you can safely say goodbye to your day job. Luckily, there are a few questions, which answered might help you bypass too much inner struggle.   

                Tip no. 1

Are you capable of self-motivation? Motivation is the invisible force behind any successful action carried over an extended period of time. It is the desire to achieve or earn something what keeps you going when you would otherwise quit. Sometimes the fear of failing and disappointing your coworkers and employees is the main source for your motivation to get a job done. Whatever the case, when venturing as an entrepreneur there will be no one left to apply pressure and you will have to do it yourself. Beware the fact that some people are naturally unable to impose self-discipline and clear goals for the future, and rely on others to draw boundaries. Make sure you are not one of them.

Tip no. 2

                What is the limit of your patience? Being an entrepreneur means you will have to invest much more time than you do with a basic day job, especially at the beginning. There are few businesses able to render immediate results, and depending on the case you might wait a certain period before you can trace the line and come out in profit. Arriving at that point will require a lot of patience, as you will face many obstacles and problems that will test it. Patience often works best accompanied by a little faith and being optimistic will certainly add a positive vibe to your hard efforts.

                Tip no. 3

Do you have a safety net? Not all business work and there is no mystery here. The market is constantly changing and you could easily hit either the crest, or the bottom of the wave. Investing all your resources and quitting any other side activity works only if you are 100% sure things will work out for you. Always leave some strings behind you and avoid making an abrupt transition from the safety of paid job to the more troubled waters of being self employed. Requesting a part-time schedule or working for your business in the evening might work for while before you can become fully convinced and committed. Always put aside some funds or have someone back you up, as the risk of personal bankruptcy is a real one.

                Tip no. 4

                Are you still a learner? Many people learn new things all their lives while others see no point in it and limit their experience to the period they were enrolled in formal education. There is no escape from continuous learning, as almost all professions and businesses require constant adaptation to the changing economic and social background. Having an open mind for what is new will help you find better alternatives as you evolve as an entrepreneur. There are a few traits that could easily identify you as a learner. Do you like to address a lot of questions, or do you simply accept facts and frugal explanations? Are you open to admit that your knowledge and skills are limited? Are you ready to accept someone superior as your “teacher” and leave behind the vanity of “knowing everything”?

                Tip no. 5

Do you know what lateral thinking is? The traditional way of solving problems involves going for the answer in a linear, traditional way, by taking all the logical steps in a consecutive order. But when you look beyond the obvious, beyond the initial condition, when you search for the solution by allowing some randomness, and short-circuiting what common sense dictates, than you might be surprised to discover creativity, innovation and ultimately success. That is the power of lateral thinking and every entrepreneur should be aware of it.

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