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How to Dress to Suit Your Figure

clothes suit body shapes

You may have often heard that one should dress according to his/her physique. But do you really know how to do that? Lucky for you, we have just the right fashion tips to make sure you look remarkable at anytime and anywhere!

Pear shaped body: if you have a broad waist and slightly thin shoulders, you have a pear shaped body. You need to wear embellished tops which have engrossed and designed neck-lines. You can wear as many frilly tops and dresses as you like to pay emphasis to your bust and reduce attention from the waist.

Hour glass body: if you have broad waist line and shoulders, you need to wear clothes which are slightly lose and do not make your shoulders look bigger. You cannot wear the boat-neck dresses as they will make your shoulders even broader. You can wear embellished tops and shirtdresses which are slightly fitted. Shirtdresses are your perfect choice for the summer with tights or shorts.

Apple shaped body: if you are curvy all over your body, you need to make the right choices! Wearing short dresses which are slightly fitted from the trunk can be the best outfits for you. You can also add layers to your ordinary jeans and shirts to make yourself look thinner.

Rectangle shaped body: if you have a lean physique but are broad from the shoulder and waist line, you get to flaunt the best clothes! A lean physique means you can wear the best boyfriend jeans, straight pants, shorts and even embellished dresses to look stunning.

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