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How To Wear The Maxi Skirt. Different Styles For You To Try Out!


What used to be a kind of piece that can be related to grandmas, maxi skirt is making a nice comeback to the trend and we’re adding touches to make it look good, and simply youthful. Rocking in one shouldn’t be hard, nor is it as simple as having a skirt that you can just, wear. Here’s the rundown of a maxi skirt, and the latest way to wear it.

What makes a maxi skirt is appealing to a lot of us (apart from you can just put in one in two seconds) is they’re one of the most comfortable pieces to have and wear all day long. Depending on the color and style, they flatter on every shape and sizes, versatile, and certainly wearable for any occasion and seasons – similar traits like wearing a pants would, but with a touch of softness and at the right places (and they can make you look taller too).

Some key points for you to take note in wearing a maxi skirt is of course the length: they can vary greatly though the most basic and flattering that you can start out with is the one that ends either below or just above your ankles, not on top of the ankles or it kinds of ‘cuts’ off the legs with no definition.

And speaking of definition, make sure your chosen maxi skirt has it on the waist. We need to know where it begins or you’ll look just weird. If the skirt didn’t really have one that’s noticeable, you can spice it up with a suitable belt.

Plus, a maxi skirt generally means flowy-looking so please stay away from clingy material (God forbid if it’s latex) or anything that can make your underwear line visible.

Now that we got basic points on lock, here are some of the ways that you can wear this fabulous piece to rock on.

Casual wear can vary a lot – you can wear earthy-shades matched with white top or make the skirt as your focal point with loud and bold colors and/or prints. This will certainly make you look youthful, steering well clear from the frump-zone. For added oomph, add some details to the fabric such as sequins, lace, or even a simple slit from the thighs will make you look demurely sexy.

Wearing a maxi skirt for formal occasion just got simpler and trust me it’s the easiest for a beginner! My recommendation would be a black skirt paired with crisp and white shirt. The key of a formal feel is to make sure that your chosen skirt is ‘structured’ – fits well on the waist (along with the definition) with A-line flare. Add on some chunky jewelry pieces and you’re ready to go.

Keep in mind that this style rule works on all colors suitable for formal wear as long as it complements and/or contrasts well with each other.

Tips: especially for monochrome colors, add a touch of bold color for accents such as thin, bright red belt. Or perhaps you can wear ala Chanel with their piece of the maxi suit (yes, with a suit).

For an added twist, you can wear a maxi skirt as a dress! Simply pull it up and cinched it with a belt and you’re done (though I’d be happy to remind you to make sure the waist is still snug enough to stay in place). This style works for both casual and formal occasions.

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