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Is it important to moisturize your skin?





Personal looks have always played a big role in the way we are perceived and judge by the others. In today’s world, beauty sells and has become synonym to success. The skin, our interface with the outside environment is one of the first places we search for beauty, age and status, before getting to know a person. It won’t be wrong to say that our skin is like an unofficial business card for the world.

The best way to have a great-looking skin is to keep it moisturized and clean. We all know what clean means, so let’s focus on the other half. The main idea behind moisturizing is forcing your skin to retain water in order to prevent dryness. There are a surprising number of ways of achieving that.

The basic function of a moisturizer is to help treat your skin when it’s dry and prevent it from drying out again. Some of the key ingredients in most moisturizing products include humectants, which draw moisture from the air and help the skin retain it, and emollients, which smooth the skin by sealing existing moisture to the face. Preservatives are used to prevent the development of bacteria inside the fertile environment created by moisturizers. Other ingredients included are vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and fragrances. Their role is secondary.

Any strategy for choosing the right moisturizer involves knowing the type of skin you have. Some people have dry skin, while others have a more oily skin. Some more fortunate can brag about having a normal skin that is neither dry nor oily. Either way, we all face a large variety of external factors that can pose a danger for the health of our skin. A misconception revolves around the idea that those with acne shouldn’t use moisturizers at all because that acts as an aggravation for their condition. Acne treatments can often dry out skin so it is a good advice to use an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer, that won’t leave additional oil on your skin.

Beside the typical day by day moisturizers, there are those that protect on certain occasions. Moisturizers with antioxidants fight free radicals, the unstable molecules that occur from sun exposure and pollution. Sunscreen protects against the sun’s UV rays that can lead to wrinkles, sunburn and skin cancer.One of the most common specialized moisturizers is anti-aging cream which typically contains collagen and coenzyme Q10.

Let’s return a little to the concept of “clean” which, believe or not, is strongly connected with the main idea of the article. We all share the idea that the often you shower the cleaner and healthier your skins look, but there is a limit to that. Recent medical researches have shown that showering too much can have a potentially damaging effect on your skin. The exterior layer of your skin’s surface (also called the stratum corneum) is a barrier made of hardened, dead skin cells, held together by some fat compounds. His role is to protect the living part of your skin while it develops. The traditional approach of showering repeatedly with hot water helps you to get rid of those dead cells as quickly as they build up. The side effect is that it strips away the natural defense barrier, leaving a dry, sensitive and unprotected skin.

Methods of achieving the right skin moisture using natural ingredients are becoming more and more popular as many women are convinced of the harmful effects of chemicals from cosmetics. A healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, maintained all along the year, can help the skin from the inside. Drinking enough water per day also helps the body maintain and assign the right quantity of moisture towards the skin. Also, make sure to expose yourself to enough sunlight in each season.

There is a large variety of recipes for moisturizing treatments that require very common natural ingredients like olive oil, honey or lemons, ingredients as far from you as your fridge is. Don’t forget about clay face masks. The best approach is to try and see what goes well with your type of skin and then go on for a constant treatment.

It is very important to have a well moisturize skin but don’t chase that perfect moisturizing product being advertise everywhere and expect miracles to happen. Sometimes enough sleep, a good diet and a balanced lifestyle can help even more.


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