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Juvenile Arthritis Awareness


Most of us consider arthritis as a trusted companion for an older age, yet everybody can be affected by it. It is very important to note that juvenile arthritis is not a disease in itself, but more like a common roof for many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that can develop in children under the age of 16.

Raising awareness about a problem that has the potential to disrupt an otherwise normal life should be a core virtue of a mature society that looks with hope in the future. The superficiality of today’s media, which promotes only the polarities, neglecting what is between, tends to cast shadow on things the general public should be informed about. Juvenile arthritis, which affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States alone, is currently not enough studied and understood.

Unfortunately, modern medicine was unable to find a permanent cure for juvenile arthritis until now. The main goals of therapy are to relieve inflammation in the affected parts of the body, control pain and improve the patient’s quality of life. Early diagnosis is currently the best approach, but it certainly needs a consistent background of awareness and concern. Paired with aggressive treatment, the early discovery of juvenile arthritis can lead to remission and a considerable improvement of health.

But pointing towards juvenile arthritis is not a straightforward process. The diagnosis is a multi-stage process which involves keeping a detailed medical history while gradually eliminating other potential causes. Blood tests are not able to indicate a case of juvenile arthritis. The causes of this array of medical conditions labeled juvenile arthritis are still a mystery for medical science, but the best guess would be genetic predisposition.

Exposure to toxins and allergens are also on the list because they usually induce local swelling and tissue inflammation. Juvenile arthritis does not limit itself to joints and ligaments, like the very popular opinion states. The whole musculoskeletal system, as well as skin, eyes and some internal organs might be the location for the disease to manifest itself. At the base of juvenile arthritis lies an autoimmune response which implies a malfunction of the body’s immune systems, which turns the guns on healthy living cells.

When dealing with a chronic disease, it is crucial to establish a long-term strategy and stay within its boundaries. Accepting that you need to share your life with unpleasant symptoms felt throughout your body is never easy, especially if you are young. Knowing that you are different that the others in a negative way can lead to self-imposed exclusion, and ultimately to failure as a member of society. Kids should understand that an important part of the treatment to control juvenile arthritis is self-care.

Information and effective communication are the keys towards establish a genuine connection between the child and its doctor, and, equally important, between the child and its family. A child affected by a chronic disease will need much more than psychical treatment and adult attention should always shift towards mental health and normal personality development.

No closed doors should hide the real trauma of not being able to enjoy life and welcome all its wonders. But looking at the empty part of the glass is not a constructive approach. Learning how to cope with something like the whole treatment scenario behind juvenile arthritis can help build strong personalities. If you learn to keep your guard up you will never be beaten again. More than being a monster that destroys the chance for a normal life, juvenile arthritis is a harsh teacher for life and all the future obstacles.

Blue is the color chosen to represent the action of raising awareness towards juvenile arthritis. You can show your support by attending meetings held all across the country or by organizing your very own festivity inside your local community. Don’t forget that every event should bring focus towards kids and the importance of offering them a normal childhood, so invite as many as possible. Donations are also welcomed and knowing that your money is going into research can give you the needed hope that we are truly creating a better place for our kids.

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