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Kendra Norman-Bellamy The Path From Pain to Purpose


Multi-award winning and national bestselling christian fiction and inspirational nonfiction, author Kendra Norman-Bellamy shares the joy of reaching another milestone in her writing career.  The second nonfiction entitled “The Path From Pain to Purpose” to be released in June 2013, will be her 20th book.

The Certain Ones Magazine:  Hello Kenya! Congratulations on the upcoming release of your 20th book, “The Path From Pain to Purpose”Which book was the hardest (or easiest) for you to write?

KNB: The book that was the most challenging for me to write was my first nonfiction, “I Shall Not Die.” Prior to writing that book, it was my belief that nonfiction was far easier to craft than fiction because the details were true to life and didn’t require the creation of characters, settings, or events. But what penning that book taught me is that writing nonfiction can be a monumental undertaking. Especially when the book is the author’s personal testimony…and that testimony is painful in nature. Having to become transparent and share intimate details of your life with virtual strangers can be difficult. But what writing “I Shall Not Die” also taught me is like the labor of childbearing, the temporary pain of re-opening wounds so that the message behind it can be birthed so that it may bless others is well worth the discomfort.

The Certain Ones Magazine:  If you could meet any of your own characters, who would it be?

KNB: It’s actually difficult for me to narrow it down to one character of mine that I’d like to meet. My characters–my male characters, especially–leave a huge impression on both me and my readers. They become very real to me as I’m writing my fictional novels. My endeavor is to always shed a positive light on black men, because despite popular belief, all our men aren’t drug users and spouse abusers. Good black men exist, and they are the portion of our population that my characters depict. They’re imperfect on many levels, but they’re strong, decent men despite their various flaws. I’d like to meet them all, really, but I think if I had to choose only one, it would be Dr. Gregory Dixon from The Grace Series (“For Love & Grace,” “Because of Grace,” and “More Than Grace”).

The Certain Ones Magazine:  What is your favorite part of writing your novels?

KNB: My favorite part of the writing process is the process itself. I love to watch my characters take on a life of their own. My fictional novels are very character driven. I create them, and then they kind of take it from there. I’m amazed when I sit down with only an idea and see it evolve into a fully developed story that almost seems to write itself, using my fingers only as a vehicle to get the job done.

The Certain Ones Magazine:  What are you working on now?

KNB: Currently, I’m working on finishing my second nonfiction book entitled, “The Path from Pain to Purpose.” It’s a powerful tool that I believe will minister most to those who struggle with understanding their God-ordained purpose in life and why they seem to face so many challenges along the way as they work toward identifying and fulfilling it. It’s scheduled to release at some point in June. I’m currently taking pre-orders via my website, and the names of everyone who pre-orders will appear in a special VIP (Vision Partners) section in the back of the book. The book will only be released in print in a limited collector’s edition (to commemorate it being my milestone 20th release), and those who pre-order are the ones who are helping to fund the printing, which makes them a VIP.


Purpose is a destination, which means before reaching it, we must first travel. And along the way, we discover that  the road to getting there comes with many trials.
Before we can carry out our God-ordained purpose, He must first prepare us. We have to be molded and equipped for our life’s assignments, and that process is often accompanied by pain.
The phase that takes place  between our spiritual transformation and our final destination  can be so agonizing that we want nothing more than to give up and detour onto what appears to be an easier path. I know. I’ve been there more than once. But what I learned first hand is that we only come to the full realization of PURPOSE when we endure.

All things work together for the good of them that love the LORD and are called according to His purpose!


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  1. Beautiful and inspiring! God knows what He is doing at all times even when ee can’t see it or understand. Look at God! You are such an inspiration Kendra. May God’s unprecedented favor continue to saturate your life.

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