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Luscious Locks




Article by Cherese Spand

Whether your Locks are natural or chemically processed. Your regimen of care will remain the same. Hair and scalp should be shampooed and instantly conditioned on a regular basis. Conditioning treatments need to be in full effect at least once every two weeks. Daily regimens should include: Leave in Conditioner, Silicone or Natural oil based sheen with nutrients. Products with Mineral Oil only coat the skin and hair shaft. Which cannot penetrate the pores for effective results? Excessively curly hair needs more moisture and TLC because of the corkscrew intertwining. This causes more damage and breakage which weakens the integrity of the hair; if not treated with TLC.


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One trending topic is the use of the product “Keratin”.  Not all Keratin products are created equal. The exclusive purpose of the Keratin is to smooth the outer layers of the hair. So hair that was once dry, brittle and rigid, can now become subtle, strong and luscious. Keratin can be used in place of Straighteners if you do not want to use chemicals. The last between 2-6 months depending on the texture and how fast your hair grows.  We will get more into Chemical Straightening detail in April issue.

Over the past few years the Molecular structure of Relaxers has changed. There is no way to regulate the harmful and harsh materials used in these chemicals. This has caused such extensive damage to our hair, skin and scalp over the years. This has caused a wave of women, men and children wearing their hair “Natural”.



But even though natural the hair, your skin and scalp still need proper care. So whether your Locked or not. The processes of the products are still the same. We need to continue to hydrate and condition our crowns of Glory on a regular basis. To ensure healthy skin and scalp, and vibrant flowing hair. We will see you in April when we talk about do’s and don’ts of chemical processes.


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  1. Oh I thought “locks” were like dreadlocks, so maybe you meant “tresses” which is your luscious hair itself. I will keep this in mind with my natural look. I have to wash and straighten hair tonight.

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