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Men Winter Fashion Wear


With the winter season knocking at our doors, it’s time to think about the needed additions to our wardrobe. Believe it or not, even men need to consider fashion, and its sinuous trajectory of rising and falling trends. Forget about settling for as much warmth and comfort possible and start considering what your overall clothing style tells about you.

Putting many layers on you is the secret for avoiding one material, bulky clothes that can greatly distort your silhouette. The secret to proper isolation is trapping thin layers of air between your layered clothes, and between your clothes and the skin. Before considering anything else for the cold days ahead, start with a light fabric that will closely follow the shape of your body. Your legs will be more than happy that you decided to wear and extra layer under your main garment.

Winter won’t leave you with many colors in hand to play with. As you say goodbye to the long days of summer, also say goodbye to bright, playful colors. Getting in tune with the season means you should befriend again countless shades of grey, earth tones and, you probably guessed, black. There is no much to be said here, but of course, when it comes to accessories, you can bring back a little life and positive energy, and use brighter colors from the palette.

The oversized coat is something every man should try to wear this year. There is a popular opinion that this kind of loose fitting will make you look sleazy, but tell this to a trend which encounters more and more popularity. Materials like cashmere or alpaca wool can definitely add value to your overall looks and provide de needed warmth and comfort.

Gloves can be a life-saver when it comes to keeping a high level of comfort during winter. Although mittens made from the same material as traditional gloves offer superior heat trapping abilities, go for them only in extreme cold situations, as they often make you look silly and reduce your dexterity. Otherwise, leather gloves, or wool gloves are an indispensible fashion item for winter. Play with colors and geometric patterns in order to obtain the needed effect, but generally avoid making your gloves the only accessory offering contrast.

The turtleneck sweater has been around for decades, but in the recent years, it happens to be the spoiled kid on the catwalks. Used in combination with almost everything, it emphasis masculinity and can provide that allusive neck protection against cold you were never able to achieve. This item is probably the best example that although you dress in layers, you shouldn’t put all that effort in concealing them. Layers emerging from beneath can actually complement the overall look by creating contrast and drawing attention to certain parts of the body, and especially the face.

Footwear is a crucial component of your wardrobe for the winter. Waterproof and extra insulation are essentials, but you should never ignore the fact that the pair of boots you are wearing must come in agreement with the rest of your clothes and accessories as well. Keep close you a pair of chukkas, a pair of Chelsea’s, and some wing tip boots. For a more casual look, when the weather turns really nasty, you are allowed to go for that pair of hiking boots. Nothing beats sports hardware when it comes to performance and the winter is the best season to feel that.

Winter should add a little consistency to all the fabrics your clothes are made from. Starting with thicker jeans, a wool costume, and bulkier shirts, there is a fashionable winter equivalent for almost everything. Of course, it is quite tempting to firmly stand your ground and claim summer is not over, while hiding summer clothes beneath tons of extra winter fashion. But this is not a wise procedure and you are just going against the current. Winter should be seen as an opportunity to conquer new ground and expand your wardrobe. All year clothes are a concept of the past, and however comfortable they might be, you should welcome the changing season with a serious change in clothing.

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