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NAACP Image Award Nominated Author Beverly Jenkins



Interview by Vanessa Richardson

VR. When did you know that you were chosen not to just write but to become an author?

BJ: I realized I was an author when Night Song my first book was published.  All I ever wanted out of life was to work in a library. I was working on a book for me but not for publication.  I sort of fell into this whole author thing.

VR. What has your literary journey been like for you?

BJ.  The literary journey has been awesome –from unpublished to 39 books, myriad awards and a fan base of readers who are truly a blessing in my life – I couldn’t be happier.

VR. What is your writing process like?

BJ. I began my career writing in the evenings because of a job, husband and two kids. Now, even though the children have grown and gone and hubby’s gone to heaven, I continue to write after sundown.

VR: What were the challenges you faced in bringing forth any of your books?

BJ: Once my agent and I began the search for a publication, the main challenge became finding a publisher willing to take on a story about 19th century African Americans not set during slavery.

VR: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

BJ:  My advice to all aspiring writers- Don’t give up.  If it’s meant to be it will, but it’ll never happen if you throw in the towel.  Keep writing. Keep learning as much as you can about the business of writing, and enjoy the journey.

VR: Are you working on any new projects?

BJ: I am working on the third book in my new Destiny series – Destiny’s Captive. Once that’s completed I’ll begin writing book 6 in the Blessing series. No title on that one yet, however.

VR: What is something that your readers would find interesting about you?

BJ: That I’m a Lay Minister with the Episcopal Church and that my music of choice while writing is classic rock!


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