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Nude Makeup




Nude makeup refers to another makeup trend which came up and never went out of style. This look is better than most of the other looks if you want to look natural without appearing made up. It involves using humbler shades and combining of neutral colors for your makeup palette. This makeup hides the little imperfections that you feel and perfectly blends with your natural skin tone.

This look operates on the very basic rule of, the lesser the color the better it is. The neutral basic colors that are used in this makeup are generally rose, beige and peach and other related shades to these subtle colors. To achieve this look, it is better to start as a foundation with the color that is closest to your skin tone. However, some experts also suggest skipping the foundation altogether, but then again it depends on the type of your skin. Same goes for the blush, apply a light tint and as close to the natural coloring as possible so as to prevent it from attracting much attention to it. For the lips, it is best to use neutral colored lip gloss or lipstick, remember the goal is to appear natural, this why it is better to go with the colors that are not striking. For the eyes, you could just line them with the mascara avoiding any kind of heavy shade so that it compliments with your overall look.

Nude makeup is perfect for summers when you want to look carefree, whether it is a beach party or just a normal routine day at the office, it is perfect in both situations. This look is actually the perfect personification of maxim “less is more”. It is perfect in the sense that it never appears to be over the top and is certainly is a versatile way to carry one’s self.



Preferable products for the nude makeup according to the experts are Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Frenzy, Chanel Lumiere D’artifices Beiges, Autograph Pure Colour Multi Blush in Coral, Dior Vernis in Beige, MAC Nail Lacquer in Skin, Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick in Nude. Use these products and give yourself a perfect look!

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