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Pastor Bridget Hilliard shares Women who Win!

Pastor Bridget Hilliard is the on-site Pastor of New Light Christian Center Church Beaumont; co-founder and wife of Bishop I.V. Hilliard. Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard are the co-founders of the dynamic New Light Christian Center Church (“One Church, Multiple locations”) in North, East, West and South Houston; Beaumont and Austin, Texas.

Their passion to take God’s Word to a hurting and lost generation has resulted in a current church membership of over 20,000 and counting. New Light Christian Center Church is not only recognized around the country as a Mega-Church, but in September 2007 it was honored as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Churches in America. This Mega-Church has a nationwide television ministry, a satellite network, an Aviation Division, Light Commerce Credit Union, and an early childhood development center known as Light Christian Academy.

The Certain Ones: Women Who Win is your conference that you host annually.  Why did you feel there was a ‘need’ to form such a conference as this? I had the pleasure to attend your Women Who Win, conference. Not in person but, via Streaming Live. This was a wonderful idea for those who wanted to attend but could not. Will there be a 2012 Women Who Win, conference and will it be Streaming Live again?  And what can attendee’s expect when they attend?

Pastor Bridget:  Well um, years ago, when I first started learning the word of faith, which now it has been almost thirty years. I would go to conferences and women meetings. People would always give you the problem; nut never gave you the solution on how to get the answer.  About four years ago, the spirit of God dropped in my spirit; that I should do something to be a blessing to women and how to live by faith. That don’t just talk about the problem, but how to get the answer to their situations, and so that was the inspiration from the spirit of God to start Women who Win, in 2008. It has been quite successful and my whole goal in life is to see people win, by faith we can overcome any situation in life and by faith we can always win!

The Certain Ones: You streamed Women who Win conference this year. The spirit of God was extremely prevalent, that it transcended through Televisions and computers, as these strong women of God, shared their testimonies. Bishop Rosie O’Neal, Dr. Irishea Hilliard, – whom of which is your daughter, preached about “Mercy”, Dr. Charisse Gibert, and of course closing it out was you. The Bible states that “we over come through our testimonies.” These ladies, yourself included, where not afraid to get raw before the masses. What was the feeling actually like for you, to actually be there live?

Pastor Bridget: It was just as powerful being there of course. We made the decision to go live and streaming which we never done before, we had upward of 16,000 to 20, 000 people viewing it, every session, so it was powerful, it was absolutely incredible and looking forward to 2013, we already have theme and we are excited.

The Certain Ones: Pastor Bridget what do the body of Christ has to look forward to in the year of 2013?

Pastor Bridget: 2012, has been a lot of challenging year for those who are in the body of Christ. The theme for 2013 is connecting for restoration. Restoring and revival.  It’s going to be a time of refreshing and restoring so many people has lost a lot of things in 2012. We believe for the restoration, and the reviving in 2013!

The Certain Ones: New Light Christian Center is one church in several locations, in September 2007 was honored as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Churches in America. You and Bishop I.V. Hilliard do great work for the community. What makes your ministry so unique, that it continues to compel people, — not just a certain group, but people from all walks of life, ages, and gender? Your youth membership is impressive!

Pastor Bridget: Well I think it is because my husband (Bishop I.V. Hilliard) has made a commitment to teach the word of faith, when we started off twenty- eight years ago, God gave us specific instructions that we were to build people purpose, power, and praise. When they understood this they would praise God for the victory in their lives. We have been consistently dong that for twenty-eight years. A lot of people say my husband’s style of teaching, (and I believe he is one of the greatest teachers today)   I think his simplicity for everybody to get the understanding of how to get the word of God to work in their situation is the catalyst in our church. All our extension churches teach the same thing that Bishop as taught at every location.

The Certain Ones: Thank you for joining us today, Pastor Bridget.

Pastor Hilliard: I thank God for people like you and your commitment to getting the word of God out for and to the body of Christ. We are looking forward to a new year. My husband has declared by the spirit of God, that 2013 is the time for accelerated favor. For anybody not just the body of Christ that has ears to hear. The favor of God will show up mightily in a speedy way.  It is the year for the body of Christ to shine!


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