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Pieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones by Tremayne Moore


pieces of me

Review by Dream 4 More Reviews

“Pieces of Me” is a story about Heather Jones who is facing various types of abuse that may be overlooked. Tremayne Moore clearly shares her story about sexual abuse in the home of her parents caused by her father, and learned she could get out of the household if she got pregnant. Therefore, she did just that and hoped life would be better by moving in with a neighborhood friend, Marvin, whom she’s know since third grade. Her life still went down a rocky-road after the birth of her son, Jaden.

I also liked how the Mr. Moore touched on male domination and women subordination, which is actually taught by the leader, the Bishop of that church home where the couple attends. Moreover, Heather was in a roller-coaster of a relationship with a fiancé like Marvin, who always made her feel guilty, condemned for a sin since everything she did was wrong in his eyes. There were some minor issues in the storytelling that I brought to the author’s attention. Yet it didn’t distract me and still was able to get the gist of it. I believe Mr. Moore’s had good intentions to share what goes on in the mindset of someone being abused overall and executed some of those tales rather well; but Heather tells the story to a women’s conference as if she’s have a conversation with someone as scenes linger.

Most of all, I loved how he challenges the reader at the end with discussion questions in reference to domestic violence and abuse in general. He also includes valuable resources for domestic abuse/violence. Tremayne Moore is a man who writes about things that needs public attention. He is a man with a voice and hopes to get justice for the unjust. Overall, his voice was heard once again in this piece, and able to see the pieces of Heather Jones from her viewpoint; which can be a voice for many voices that are not heard. Dream 4 More Reviews has received “Pieces of Me: Finding Heather Jones” by the author for a book review.

Dream 4 More Rated it

Dream Rating 4.25/Sweet Dreams

4 of 5 stars


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