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Some Me Time Inspirational Short


Bending down she stopped and smelled the roses. It seems that has all she has been doing for the past couple of days. Enjoying her life. She learned that she played a part in the matter. If she wanted to be happy she could, she may had to dig a little deeper, scratch a little harder. Nevertheless, she could be happy. She would have to purchase a new vase for her bright red roses. She was cleaning and accidentally broke the vase given her by her mother.

A portrait on the mantle arrested her attention. It seemed such a long time ago. They couple were smiling feeding each other ice cream. They were at the park celebrating their fourth anniversary. . A monumental surprise to their friends and family, as they were both polar opposites. He was rambunctious and spontaneous. She was much more reserved. She had a plan for everything.

The man in the picture arrested her attention. His words. They were like an elixir. Calming. She was completely mesmerized by his words. They were delicious to the ear and enduring to the heart. His support was his looks. He was extremely handsome. She was not a frivolous woman by any means. However, when he expressed interest in her she was euphoric. Men like him do not pursue women like her. She remembered when they first met. It was at a park. The memory galvanized her to go to her place of comfort. The park. Olivia had a couple of hours to spare before the main event tonight.

Giggling like a high school girl. She quickly grabbed her coat. Whistling for Yani to follow her. Her black tresses bouncing, as she quickly, made her way down the stairs to her Mercedes. Moments later, arriving at the park, she began to feed the pigeons and people watched. Making up stories about the strangers life. She use to do this as a child. It was habit that she could not break. Besides it was fun.

“Excuse me?”

Turning towards the voice. She smiled. Then she blinked. The stranger had her golden retriever Yani in his arms. She blinked again. . She was not a frivolous woman by any means and believed in treating people the way she wanted to be treated. By this man was disturbing. He was extremely handsome. It pained her to look at him. He represented trouble for her.

The stranger extended his hands. “Hi. I am Jamal.” She did not acknowledge his name nor offered his hand. The stranger’s smile faltered.

“I am returning your dog to you.”

“Yani is not pleased with your interrupting his time.”

His eyes widened in confused. “Yani? Oh. You mean your dog? Of course.” The stranger laughed. “I kind of figured that when he growled at me and nipped my finger.” He held up his left hand.

“Look thanks for returning my dog.” She reached for her dog.

Jamal immediately handed her pet over to her smiling brightly. “Not a problem.”

“Uh, look. Jamal, I came out her to think and be alone.”

“Women like you should not be alone.” His voice had dropped an octave.

“You’re wrong there Jamal. Women like me need to be alone, at times.” She was tired of their banal conversation. Mr. Perfect was literally getting under her skin. Packing her things, she was prepared to exit from his presence. “Nice to meet you Jamal. But I am in a bit of a hurry.”

Reaching for Yani, she prayed he would get the message and bug off. How much fineness can a woman take? She pitied his wife or girlfriend. This man was trouble personified. His skin was the color of rich mocha. He body was well proportioned. He wore a black shirt with blue baggy jeans. On his feet were black sandals.

“Oh, don’t let me hold you up.” The stranger made no move to retreat.

She was growing more uncomfortable under the strangers stare and her skin was beginning to itch. It was a nervous reaction. One she had since she was twelve. When she grew nervous, she would start to itch. She attempted to go around him but was stopped by his words.

“Have you always been a runner?”

“I beg your pardon?

She could feel her ire rising. This stranger didn’t know her from a can of paint. How dare he speak to her in familiar ways? Unacceptable. Turning she faced the full impact of the strangers stare. Boldness galvanized her.

“I am a woman of understanding and intellect. Right, now I understand that it would be wrong to engage in further conversation with you.” Holding up her hand. She stopped the stranger from interrupting her spiel.

“I saw you the moment you arrived. I noticed your many stares. Nodding her head left. There was a woman jogging in place. “At Ms. Fit over there.”

She pointed to a well-proportioned sister bathing in the sun. “I also noticed your smiling at Ms. America over there.”

Farther left was a beautiful buxom blonde-haired woman, lavishing herself with sun tan lotion. “I noticed your touching hands; as you passed by Ms. Perfect over there.” Seated on a rock was a Latino sister with long wavy hair. Writing in her colorful journal, her soft wavy locks falling down the left side of her face.

Olivia stepped back; her eyes taking him all in. “My intellect tells me. That I should run from you.” Olivia looked was direct, never wavering. “Not because I am runner, sir. Nevertheless, because I am no man’s playground. I am a woman of substance and much worth. You did not have to return my dog to me, as he is already trained to seek out the one he loves. He knows me. In addition, when I said I wanted to be alone earlier, I meant it. I need me some me time.”

Whistling. Yani yelped and ran towards her. She bent down and picked him up cooing softly in his ear. The stranger continued to watch her as if fascinated. Looking up she offered the stranger a smile. It was beatific. Weirdly enough his heart speed up; in response to it. Unexpectedly it felt like he was missing something in his life. The feeling was extremely unsettling.

“Now if you will excuse me. I have to go home and prepare myself for my date. You see it is my anniversary. My husband and I are celebrating the gift of life and happiness, overcoming adversity and life’s temptations.” Stepping around the handsome stranger, she could not staunch the laughter coming forth. It was obvious the stranger was not use to his advances being thwarted from women. Too bad. One day love will find him and when it does, he will be no match for it.

“Excuse me?”

Turning she said nothing else, but waited. Jamal slowly approached her with his half smile. “My mother was right. There are some good women still out there.”

“Pardon me?”

“A good woman. I have just met one. And it is my honor.” Jamal bowed slightly at the waist; taking her left hand; he kissed it. “Your husband is a blessed man. In addition, it seems; that I am still a single man. However, for what is worth. A man of patience and faith.” His tempting smile returning again. “And in your case. I stand in admiration.” The stranger turned and left in all his handsomeness.

Olivia silently watch Jamal walk away. “What a strange occurrence, Yani. I have a feeling his story is next. I do hope we meet again. Come on Yani. Let us go. Daddy is waiting for us. Life is good. The oldies song by Tony Toni Tone came to mind. She sung it with all the joy she could muster. “It our anniversary.”

Yani barked as if in agreement.

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