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Spring fashion 2015


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If you are wondering what you need to be flaunting this spring 2015 then you need to take a trip down memory lane! This spring is all about embracing the 70’s fashion trends. According to fashion blogs and articles, the 70’s was the most fashionable era in the history of fashion. What better season to embrace this fashionable era than spring of 2015?

Among the top trends for spring 2015 is the lace. Lace has become one of the most fashionable fabrics for spring. Whether you want to wear lace tops or lace dresses; all of them are classy and elegant for the spring. Lade dresses go perfectly with messy buns and fishtails. However, lace tops look extremely trendy and girly when worn with shorts or tights.

Transparency has gotten viral with the lace tops! You can flaunt transparency in your clothing, shoes and even your accessories. The jelly shoes are definitely here to stay with the transparency trend. These jelly shoes can be worn for casual as well as formal occasions. They can be worn with any color, any attire and any style. What could be better than jelly shoes, which are trendy, stylish and comfy? You can also get a transparent purse to flaunt with just about any outfit. With such a transparent purse, you can flaunt all your makeup and fashion belongings inside the purse without taking them out!

With the 70’s trends coming back in fashion, bell-bottoms are being wanted again. From fashion ramps to formal occasions, ladies have started wearing bell-bottoms instead of skinny pants. Bell bottoms have become the perfect attire to be worn in offices and other formal gatherings. One can easily sport bell bottom pants with tucked-in shirts and coats for formal wear.

Let your hair stay loose or chop them short because it’s time to go back to the 70’s!



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