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Strengthening Your Marriage



Marriage is a conglomerate not immune to the passing of time. In fact, the same way wind and water are able to make sand out of the hardest rock, a marriage facing difficulties will eventually be brought on its knees. Fortunately, there are many preemptive “strikes “you can take against the well-known common enemies of your marriage.

Cultivate love daily by keeping all the flattering gestures of your dating period long after you signed the deal. Flowers, a romantic dinner and all other small gestures of attention will certainly keep the important parameters at their desired levels. Avoid turning each day as a married couple into a part of your routine and always think at new things to bring on the table. Never lose that sense of mystery or uncertainty which was characteristic to the period you were dating. Forget about the rules of rigid marriage and develop games for you to play. There is no need to suddenly become older, wiser and rigid once you have become formally married.

Keep in mind that true strength comes from within so take time to cultivate together peace of mind and positive thoughts. The power of positive thinking is in most cases seen as reaching for something that will never be there. Faith and optimism are also essential tools for fighting weakness over time. Nurturing spirituality is not a sign of weakness in today’s technology dominant society. Of course, I am not talking about going to Sunday church, but I am trying to emphasis to rely just a little on something that lie beyond logic, common sense and the linearity of life we are so used to.

A strong marriage relies not only on the relationship between the two partners, but also on the connections they establish (or keep) with other members of the two families. Being accepted and loved by the family you are legally adhering to, means you have met certain minimum requirements, and also that your marriage has bigger chances to last, if opposed by anything serious. But relationship always need maintenance in order to survive the test of time, so investing some feeling in people you did not married directly is a lesson the majority of ignores. The saying “you are marrying the whole family” expresses very accurate the scenario you need to be aware of.

The most practical way in which you can strengthen your marriage is to engage in common activities, creative activities, upon which you could look back with pride. Building a house, or simply redecorating a room can make you two work like a team. Psychical effort is known to help establish a certain bond between people. It’s the same principle that makes team sports so engaging. Everyone contributes with his/her skills and knowledge and the final result is a symbiosis between different ideas and point of views. Making something together opens previously unknown channels of communication and reveals each partner in a new light.

So now that you learned that doing practical things together can help make your marriage stronger, it’s time to reveal the best thing you can possibly produce. A baby will definitely change all previously established conditions and trigger a new “world order” for your life as a couple. A baby usually ties the parents together stronger than anything else, because each one of them will feel responsible for its upbringing and well-being. This inheritance from the natural world gives many people renewed hopes and often act as a miracle, saving marriages that were heading towards disaster.

Unfortunately, the strength of a marriage is limited by the foundations that were lay there before. There is no easy way to bypass that limitation and therefore occasions may occur when all later methods, like the ones described in this article may prove to be ineffective. In some less fortunate scenarios, the strength of a marriage lies in the power, coming from both partners, to recognize that the initiative they took was a failure. It’s always hard to admit when you’ve made a big mistake, but to live in the shadows of that mistake is not a healthy alternative. Strength is sometimes about making the hard decisions.

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