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“Tammy” starring Melissa McCarthy review



Review by Markeise Q. Washington

Melissa McCarthy has been on my radar since I went to see “Bridesmaids” at the movies with my wife. The movie “Bridesmaids” is a movie that both surprised and entertained me. It was then that I wanted to see much more of the incredibly funny Melissa McCarthy. The next few movies I saw featuring McCarthy were in my humble opinion up and down. “Identity Thief” being the down and “The Heat” being the up. In these movies she shared the marquee with some high powered actors.

In “Identity Thief” it was Jason Bateman and in “The Heat” it was Sandra Bullock. This time around she had the spotlight all to herself. I was curious to see what she did with the opportunity. The movie begins with Tammy being fired for being late to work multiple times, defeated Tammy comes home; she walks in on her husband and another woman having dinner together. Being as though her husband never cooked for her; she angrily storms out the house and down the street to her mother’s house. 

Needing to get away for a while, Tammy decides to go on a spontaneous road trip. Her mother refuses to go with her, but her grandmother volunteers. Tammy only accepts the offer because her grandmother has a car and cash. What happens next is a re-hash of probably every road trip comedy you’ve ever seen. The jokes, the situations, and the dialogue have been done before, but it’s done better. The big problem I had with the movie was none of the jokes made me laugh out laugh. I snickered a few times, but nothing I would tell someone because it was so funny. Sure the movie had its moments, but based on the performance I saw, Melissa, can’t do it alone. I believe she’s at her best when paired with someone she can play off of. She’s perfect for buddy comedies. It’s really hard to carry a comedy and it’s even harder to do with a flimsy plot dragging you down. 

What I didn’t like: I felt that the writers tried to turn the movie into something else near the end; it didn’t feel authentic to the character; as they forced Tammy and her grandmother’s relationship upon us in a short period of time. Then magically everything was wrapped in a perfect bow at the end. 

What I think the viewers will appreciate: Some of the moments where I’m sure Melissa McCarthy are making up the dialogue. There’s  small doses of what make her special. Two scenes come to mind. The scene where Tammy and her grandmother are in a bar and when Tammy robs her old job at (fake) gunpoint. Overall Tammy falls short because of my expectations of Melissa McCarthy. On the flip side if you’re looking for something to make you laugh a few times maybe this one is for you.




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