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Tarnished Dreams by Madelyn R. Bass


Interview by Vanessa Richardson

VR:  Hello Madelyn! Thank you for chatting with me today. My genesis question for you is: When did you know that you were chosen not just to write, but to become an author?

MB: I was always writing as a child because of my place in a 1st Family as a Pastors child. We had issues and circumstances like everyone else but could not speak of them in the 60s and 70s. So I wrote my feelings down so that I wouldn’t go crazy! Lol! At the age of 15 I began to write more often and realized I was pretty good at it as a class assignment and I felt much better once my thoughts and feelings were out my head. I entered contest and only won 1 poetry contest in the late 90s.

VR: What has your literary journey been like for you?

MB: My journey has been challenging simply because my writings were all real situations and not novels or stories. Publishing these stories I struggled with because I did not want anyone to get hurt or that my children relive or realize that the dreams/nightmares they were having were really truths. At early ages they were separated from one another and early teens reunited then my fears became reality the older they became and life began to happen to them. After they reached ages 17 and 18 years of age they began to ask questions and I began to answer them as carefully and lovingly as possible.

VR: What is your writing process like?

MR: My writing process was quick and very smooth! This is what allowed me to be able to breathe sigh of relief! When A Stranger said “God told him to share that someone on the Prayer Call needed to complete and finish a book started and that the Nation was waiting, I was very hesitant because I didn’t feel my story was any different from any other person dealing with FAITH, Custody, Divorce, Abuse, Illness, Heartache, Finances (lack of) and Death. I “Put on my big girl panties” and went to work! In spite of my illness and financial situation I pressed forward in publishing. I was not scared about the publications but the Story I was about to share. I wanted the experience of this “Story for Women” to be encouraging, inspiring and giving hope to others dealing with and related to situations could Endure! To know that there is LIFE after Betrayal, Disappointments and Abandonment.

VR: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in any of your books?

MB: If I were to do this all over again, there is nothing that I would do differently because I believe that everything that has happened, written and exposed is what was to be done. To change anything in the book is to alter or expect self gratification of the book.

VR: What were the challenges you faced in bringing forth any of your books?

MB: Some of the challenges I faced bringing “Tarnished Dreams” to life was moving forward in an Unknown health challenge that has kept me from traveling, working and writing! This illness keeps me from sitting at a desk or holding my head in a tilted position (reading). Seizures, shaking and in ability to walk or speak at times. This has been a challenge in the process of completing the editing of the other books, but I will overcome with the help of the Lord!

VR: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

MB: The advice I would give aspiring authors is START and FINISH! No matter how challenging it is or becomes complete your assignment, tell your story! Get the small things out of the way. Familiarize yourself with social media, have your PR (Public Relations) in place, Website complete (Up and running) and become knowledgeable of your information supplying in your book!

VR: Are you working on any new projects?

MB: Yes, I am working on new projects, I am also working on my public speaking, and I am looking forward to assisting others in their journey of HEALING not just emotionally but spiritually and physically.

VR: What is something that your readers would find interesting about you?

MB: No, I am an Ordinary woman serving an Extraordinary GOD! Thankful to be used by HIM good or bad! Nothing is too big, hard or impossible for HIM!


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