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The Best Makeup Products!

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Spring has sprung!  Are  you ready to showcase a brand new you! Are you a walking fashion statement?  Contrary to popular belief…beauty is a science.  A woman love to feel beautiful inside and out.  A part of being beautiful is a life style of proactive choices made. By making righteous decisions; it can only get better.

Harper’s has listed their TOP makeup pics.  We couldn’t contain our excitement in sharing  the 411; as the prices for these delectable beauty enhancers are actually very affordable.


Harper's Bazaar



Urban Decay‘s Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Portion ($31) formula boosts moisture for plumper skin, plus camouflages fine lines and large pores.

Laura Mercier‘s Artist’s Palette for Eyes ($48) mixes 12 light and dark colors, half shimmer and half matte.

Estée Lauder‘s Pure Color Quick-Thick Eyeliner ($22) solves the problem with its new felt-tip liner, which is half the size of a normal tube, making application easier. First, line your lids with a pencil, then retrace the liquid on top, as seen above at Dolce & Gabbana. Or learn the technique with the online tutorial “How to: Winged Eyeliner” at Hide mistakes (and under-eye circles) with a concealer like Napoleon Perdis the One ($29).


  1. Great to know. In the Spring, I seek brighter colors and leave the darker colors for eyes in the Fall/Winter.

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