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The Best Makeup Trends for Fall 2015


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This year fall is all about embracing the retro in every possible way. Why not in makeup too? This fall, be dramatic, be bold and be sexy because it’s all about looking like your fashion icon from the seventies!

The first trend which is a winner for almost every girl is the sizzling hot lips trend. You must have the perfect shade of red that enhances your complexion this fall. Going easy on the eyes and sizzling on the lips is what makes your look fabulous and dramatic. Bold and beautiful is the new hot this fall.

Speaking of dramatic, going twice for your winged eyeliner is the ultimate fashion mantra for all. Think wearing eyeliner is replaced by colorful glitters? We beg to differ! This fall is all about scribbly eyeliner on the edges or perfectly winged one according to your attire. Double winged eyeliner seems to be the perfect definition of chic fashion this fall. From dim grey liners to classic black ones, you need wings in all of them.

Warm blushes and peachy powders are what you need to add a natural feel to your look. You don’t want a lot of contouring this fall because your lips and eyes will be dramatic. If you want to keep is simple and smooth, wearing peachy and rosy blush would be the perfect choice. Wear a nude lipstick and you’re good to go. There is nothing that beats the heat with hotter makeup!

These were a few makeup trends that would make you look stylish and fashionable this fall. The three things you need include blushes, eyeliner and dark lip colors and you’re good to go anywhere!

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