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The Certain Ones Publishing, LLC ® is an newly formed independent small inspirational publisher and distributor that specializes in publishing of independent authors. It’s founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Certain Ones Online Magazine is Vanessa Richardson; who also is an published author of several novels.  The Certain Ones Publishing, LLC® provides for self-publishing authors needs from cover design to book printing.  The Certain Ones Publishing, LLC® specializes in promoting authors via online promotions such as Virtual Blog Tours, Online Radio Interviews and Magazine Features.  We also use social networking in promoting author branding. We publish world wide as we are connected with  distribution partners Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble.


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Submission Requirements

Please read requirements and adhere to requests not doing so will cause for your submission not to be read or considered. Submit as e-mail attachment only. We don’t accept physical subbmisions.  Type name, email address, and other contact information on first page of your manuscript.  A cover letter describing your manuscript. Please include manuscript title, word count, and genre. All Submissions MUST be polished (edited). Send only first three chapters of your manuscript.  Submit  25-50 word blurb and a short synopsis of your book. All  submissions must be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt.  1″ margins all around, Single-spaced,.03 first line paragraph indent.

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For more information please fill out our submission Query form below. Thank you for considering The Certain Ones Publishing, LLC ® to help bring your book to life!

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