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The Confident Single


                The current view point that society is trying to enforce is that being part of a couple is a necessary condition for being happy and fulfilled in life, and that being single is a “malfunction” of our human nature which should be taken care of. Those who are single are seen as less fortunate cases and confidence is never attributed to them. Of course, it is wrong to generalize and put everyone in the same bucket and in the same time it is very toxic to judge someone for being single. There are many reasons that are able to trigger periods of loneliness in one’s life and we might omit that there is not a matter of choice but more a matter of circumstances.

The confident single takes pride from his/her current situation, does not try to hide it and uses the free time and resources to do the things he/she always dreamt to do. Not being tied to any kind of commitment, the confident single is an avid traveler, welcoming the spiritual richness that comes from changing the cultural and social landscape. The confident single can pursuit a career and sacrifice a lot more time to it, and thus stands higher chances to excel in a particular field.

Being single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the presence of members of the opposite sex and the confident single knows how to benefit from his/her situation. Being single and not rushing towards a stable relationship means you have all the liberty to experiment short termed relationship. Although most of us see it as a form of promiscuity, the current social paradigm tends to accept that the time of monogamy and rigid moral values is close to an end. Browsing through multiple partners is a reality for our young generations and it is largely determined by its ability to communicate and interact at a faster pace.

Confidence usually comes from within but it is maintained by more external factors like looks, health and social level. Singles need to keep a close eye on all these factors, as any slip can erode their confidence level and make way for mental states where they no longer see the advantages of being single. This is a dangerous path to travel because it can easily lead to depression and negative thinking, mental patterns which can make the life miserable for a person living on its own. Maintaining a high confidence level is not as hard as it sounds. There are many activities a single can embrace in order to feel fulfilled and validated by the others. Physical activities will reward the body with a fitness level able to trigger a state of well being. Personal hygiene, an improved diet and taking proactive measures against any health issues are all key actions for someone to feel comfortable inside the limits of his/her body. Developing a personal style in terms of clothing and accessories can help boost confidence for both men and woman as society tends to judge every individual based mostly on the exterior shell that is being put on display.

The confident single never losses the faith that he/she will eventually find a special someone, able to change his/her life forever. Guided by this belief, he/she is patient with life and accepts that not everyone is destined to find its way in an easy manner. Life can be an obstacles course, but this will only make its fruits sweeter. The confident single doesn’t brush away social scenarios just because he/she feels in misalignment with social circles dominate by couples. For the single person, every interactions is a chance to polish and keep in top shape its social aptitudes, while also having the chance to meet someone new. Searching for a partner starts by first searching for friends and groups with similar interests. There is no magical recipe for finding the perfect match without effort. We are all different when it comes to our personalities and singles usually share personality traits not very often found. Their current state is a result of not venturing far enough to meet more people.

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