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The Power of a Praying Mother

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Article by Afi (pronounced Ah-fee) Pittman

I think as singles we often lose sight of the bigger picture of our marital status. Which is that even if we were to get married tomorrow, one of the purposes of marriage – according to God – is to produce godly children. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fact that we’ve been single longer than we wanted to be. Or that someone else has a husband or wife already – someone who we just know didn’t deserve one! But honestly, I sat down one day and realized the black-and-white truth about being single versus being married. I didn’t consider placing a value judgment on either by saying that one is better than the other did – like the apostle Paul did. In fact, on this side of my spiritual maturity you will NEVER hear me say that I think being single is better than being married. But what I did conclude is this. In God’s plan, if you’re married, you’re tending to the upkeep of a marriage and the biblical upbringing of the children God gave you. If you’re single, you’re focused on ways to serve God and prepare for marriage and raising a family.

I will say, though, that I do not envy married couples trying to raise godly children in today’s world. Just as I’m sure they don’t envy me trying to uphold God’s standards while dating and hoping for a godly husband in today’s world. Although I do not have children I know raising children is no easy task. I know by reflecting often now on my mother raising me. She told me once that she didn’t know the right way or the answers to raising me, but she did know to pray. It’s how I know God answers a mother’s prayers. I know because she prayed for me when I didn’t yet know God for myself. Her prayers and His will for my life surely were the only things that kept me from eternal separation from Him.

I think of the times my mother seemed to know something wasn’t right with me even if I hadn’t told her and was states away or across the world. Those times were ones where I didn’t have the words to say what I needed to say to God. But He still spoke to me through my mother. It’s how I know now that God doesn’t take the role of parents lightly. It’s helped me to see the consequences of parents who do and don’t take their God-given responsibility seriously. It’s also helped me to see that mothers are unique in that they appeal in a special way to God’s heart on behalf of their children.

Realize what a tremendous responsibility it is to raise children who know and love God. Then it would be easier for you to understand how the human frailties of our mothers don’t always help us to be men and women who know God. So this Mother’s Day, whatever your relationship is with your mother, I want you to thank her. If she was not a good mother to you, thank her for being the vessel in which God brought you into this world. If you had an alright or good relationship with her, thank her for the things she did to help you stay covered under God until you got to know Him for yourself. Then, think of how God might want to prepare you to become the mother (or even father) He wants you to be.



Afi Pittman is an author and radio show host. She is also active duty Navy and has traveled the world and lived abroad. Her company, Author of Faith Enterprises helps today’s single woman to be happily single while preparing for marriage.  



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