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The Power Of Foundation. How To Flaunt it!


To put it simply, you can’t really talk about makeup without foundation – such power that a foundation holds that it’s the base that could either make you or break you, in fact, better than a softer version of BB creams. Trust me, with this simplified tips on the right way using a foundation, your makeup game will never be the same.

Here are some of the basic (ahem) commandments that you need to remember in finding your perfect foundation.

Keep in mind that apart from finding the right shade (more on that later), different types are created to cater to different types of skin so choose the one suitable for your skin types and/or issues. For example, oily skin types should go for lighter, lotion formulas while dry skin use rich, creamy types or water-based with added hyaluronic acid to add moisture for already parched skin.

And yes, different types also have their own staying power so make sure of that if you mind too many touch ups.

And of course, a foundation is also closely related in terms of coverage. Some formulas provide sheer-silky finish while others are kind of heavy duty for daily use. My recommendation would be to choose a buildable coverage formula (such as mineral makeup) so you can adjust accordingly.

As for the shades and hues, a better way to find the right shade is to apply different shades yet closest to your skin tone at the neck, right underneath the jaw line. Under natural lighting, the right shade should ‘disappear’ under natural lighting.

Okay, now onto the right way to build a ‘stable’ base for your whole makeup to look good for hours.

Applying foundation. Doable tips that make you look good

Begin by prepping your skin before the whole makeup routine – moisturize your skin evenly and use serums if necessary. The moisturizer itself works as a thin layer on top of the epidermis so that your foundation will be layered evenly for a smooth application, especially for next steps. Add a mattifying primer of your skin is super oily.

Ensure that you’re doing the whole routine under natural lighting (or at least closest to it) as harsh light can make us apply makeup products more than necessary.

When it comes to makeup tools, it’s better to find what works for you as it’s not really compulsory for you to get a set of brushes for daily wear although undoubtedly using makeup brushes will make you look polished and longer staying power; some makeup artists are content with their fingers and beauty blenders so try out different methods that works for what your skin needs.

As for concealers, they’re super essential to cover up any flaws and reducing the amount of foundation at the same time. Plus, nowadays they’re come in various colors to for color-correcting purposes, as well as minimizing bumps along the way. Generally speaking, use color-correcting concealers before foundation while skin-tone ones after for touch ups for any spots missed.

Use these rules when applying foundation for immaculate look – and you’ve just upped your makeup game!



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