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The Rising Mist by M.J. Evans, Dream 4 More Reviews


The Rising Mist


The Rising Mist

The Rising Mist is the final installment of the mist trilogy. With great anticipation to read an advanced copy, I briefly recalled the past reads years prior from recollection. The first novel had brief illustrations as if you were in the geographical locations aforementioned and character development was a gradual building process but well-developed. The second novel was phenomenal, well-written, and upbeat pace with a shock factor as getting closer to the cliff-hanger ending. This may be my favorite one in the series. Lastly, the third novel connected to the California wildfire outbreak whereas the reader sees two different viewpoints in the first chapter from the bystander (Carlos) and the rescuers (Nick, Bethany, and unicorns). Therefore the pace had its highs, lows, mediums, and gradual building in the plot(s).

Yet M.J. Evans still delivers a life-changing lesson of salvation; willingness to lay down one’s life to save others. Once again, Evans gives breath-taking geographical and historical sites such as plains, islands, etc. as if you are there sight-seeing.

Moreover, there are a few interpersonal aspects we can learn from, sharing exhortation and encouraging underlining messages. What a glorious and expected ending with such glorious power that occurs with unified kingdoms with a unified purpose that showcased miracles being born, restoration, and healing in the land of Celestria.


Dream 4 More Rated it Dream Rating 4.25/Sweet Dreams 4 of 5 stars -

Adrienna Turner
Dream4More Reviewer
Dream Rating: Sweet Dreams/Wooed Me (4.5 stars)

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