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Think Like A Man Too





Review by Markeise Washington

Think Like A Man Too picks up where Think Like A Man left off. We are reunited with Cedric (Kevin Hart), Michael (Terrence J), Candace (Regina Hall), her son Duke (Caleel Harris), Michael’s mother (Angela Gibbs), Zeke (Romany Malco), Mya (Meagan Good) Bennett (Gary Owen), Tish (Wendi Mcdon-Covey), Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), Kristen (Gabrielle Union), Dominic (Michael Ealy), and Lauren (Taraji P. Henson).

The first thing I noticed right away is the movie’s emphasis on selling Kevin Hart as the star of the franchise. Love him or hate him in my opinion he remains one of the most polarizing modern day comedians. Some people think he’s hilarious and some people think otherwise. I happen to enjoy Kevin’s physical brand of comedy. His character, Cedric, narrates the film and does an admirable job of keeping the audience engaged with his witty dialogue.

The film is broken down into three parts. The first part we are introduced to the crew who are in Vegas for Michael and Candace’s wedding. The guys are preparing for the bachelor party. We get a bit of comedy/drama when Zeke and Mya show up because every so often Zeke is recognized by someone in Vegas for his past sexual exploits. Cedric interjects immediate humor into the movie when he arrives at the hotel. (He shows up in a luxury car and everyone in the hotel caters to him. We find out later in the film why they do this. It’s pretty funny.)

The middle part of the film focuses on the women as they prepare for their wild night before the wedding. Then the end kind of ties what they all got into together and how this affects them moving forward.

With so many couples to focus on it’s hard to get everybody adequate screen time. Despite this potential problem, I think they did a solid job of giving everyone a proper moment to shine onscreen. Everyone’s chemistry and familiarity with each other carried over from the first film and it showed in this movie at times.

What I didn’t like:

The middle of the movie nearly ruined everything for me. It’s almost like the script hit a rut and they went everywhere all the while going nowhere. The middle part of the film focused almost solely on the women and their exploits. I get what the movie was trying to do, but I think it just dragged the film down.

What I think the viewers will appreciate:

I believe people will appreciate that the filmmakers did a solid job of tying up the loose ends of every character. All of the couples had a proper ending. And to go a step further their endings were believable.

For me the film was a roller-coaster ride. Just when I wanted to cut it off someone would say a joke or do something to keep me interested in what was going on. It wasn’t a horrible movie and it wasn’t a great one either. Put it this way: If it was on TV you would watch it, but you wouldn’t rush to the store to buy a copy for your personal collection either.


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