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Tips for singles on Valentine’s Day

Valentines day Greetings 2015

Being single can go unnoticed for most of the days during the year. But you can’t escape feeling a little depressed and down when everybody is having someone else close. You hardly passed over Christmas and New Year’s Eve and love is in the air again. Brace yourself, Valentine’s Day is coming, bringing red hearts everywhere.

However good you are at ignoring the world and looking only after your own life, you will never be able to fully control your inner thought and emotions. A complex mix made from envy, sadness, bitterness and desperation will take over your soul. But don’t lose hope. There are many ways to mitigate the impact of yet another Valentine’s Day spent in loneliness. There are two approaches to the problem: 1 – do something so engaging that will make you completely forget about Valentine’s Day or 2 – dream about finding a person to love and get yourself caught in fantasies.

First of all, stay away from social networks. I am probably not the first to tell you that it’s not a good idea to scroll through countless happy stories, triggering inherent comparison. It is also not a good idea to share your disappointment and frustration. Keep yourself away from the Internet and go out in the real world. Do not cheat and keep your smartphone out of site. Seek direct human contact and you will feel better. Hang out with some of your friends who are also alone on Valentine’s Day. Hijack the meaning of the day to whatever you like and feel comfortable with.

Although you are alone and don’t have a date for who to put your best display, you shouldn’t neglect your appearance. On the contrary, wear your favorite clothes and whatever makes you feel special. Order your favorite meal or sleep till late if those are the things you crave for during the rest of the week.

Although Valentine’s Day is in the winter season, don’t barricade yourself in the house. You might lose a sunny and clear day, perfect for a trip away from the urban landscape. Spending time in nature can boost your moral and make you forget about your trouble. Nature has always been the great healer of broken hearts. If you are sharing love with a partner on Valentine’s Day, at least fall in love with a majestic scenery, far from your home. Of course, if you don’t feel like travelling an. alternative on the same line would be to take a long walk in your nearest park. Go early, before it becomes crowded with couples.

Put yourself in the shoes of other lonely people. You all feel the same, sow chances are that the shortcoming of not having a lover could bring you together. Valentine’s Day is known to trigger shock waves inside the dating industry, the same way the day before Christmas triggers a shopping frenzy. Dating someone for the first time around Valentine’s Day can shift to romance way quickly than in any day of the year.

Important days in the calendar are excellent opportunities to make resolutions. It doesn’t matter if you later succeed or not in accomplishing them. The first step towards achieving something is to develop a clear and measurable goal for it. Promise yourself that you will do all that’s possible to have someone to love the next year.

The temptation to over think your situation and extract the wrong conclusion is huge. Don’t blame yourself too hard for not being in a relationship. Some people are constructed in way that makes interaction and pair bonding much harder. We are far from being the hyper-sexualized template promoted by the media. Don’t consider yourself an odd duck if you are not like the others. Being lonely is a natural state which can be fully explained if don’t have a lot of free time available or if you are not comfortable in a large array of social situations.

Take some time and think if you are willing to sacrifice time and resources for finding a special person. The next step is to figure out what is keeping you away from your goal. Seeking help from family and friends or seeking professional help from a psychologist can be just the impulse needed to become more proactive in your search for a partner.

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