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Tips On How To Date Your Wife



Many men assume that once they’ve made the step and marry the whole dating process can be put to sleep. This is probably of the most underrated and ignored reasons why marriage fell apart after just a couple of years spent together. This article will explore some brief ideas to keep the flame of romance and the thrill of dating alive. Learn to read between the lines and come up with your own strategy to keep love flowing between the two of you.

Dedicating time just for the two of you is a difficult task when long hours at work, chores at home, and taking care of kids are in the way. Put aside at least an hour a day, preferable in the evening, and use that hour to tight your bond. You can talk about the day that passed and the day ahead, or simply shift thing towards a more romantic activity. Either the case, essential for that hour is communication, verbal or non-verbal. Many couples failed because all the bridges between the two partners are gradually being burned.

Travelling the world can make up for the perfect dating scenario. As you leave home for some remote exotic destination you only have your partner as a link to your old life. By sharing the same experiences you build up the same luggage of memories, a crucial ingredient for keeping a marriage afloat during the harder times to come.

You should relive your honeymoon with every new destination that you are discovering. The sun rises and sets everywhere around the world and you should use those times of the day to set up something romantic.

Surprise is the main spice of the dating period. As the two partners haven’t finished exploring each other, there is still room for mystery and excitement. Surprise your wife with a date outside the textbooks and try together something new. Make time at least one a month to try something completely new and it will soon become and addiction.

Regular gifts to your wife should not become a relic of the time you were just dating. Don’t wait for her birthday or some other holiday to bring home something exquisite. Only your limited imagination stops you from finding something sweet, purple or shiny. Consider surprising her with special gifts like a pet and watch how she becomes a child again.

It is true that women love jewelry and other earthly possessions, but you could also reignite the spark with something less complex but more elaborate. Consider investing time and patience in learning the lost art of cooking at home.

Home is not always the most romantic of venues. A married couple usually finds more comfort in spending time together at home in their pajamas than to invest time in getting sharp for a night out. Remember the time you were dating and tried to show only your best side. It’s time to bring back from time to time that mentality and put on your best display for your partner.

Consider going to an exclusive restaurant or to an opera in order to wear your best clothes. Being publicly admired as a couple has very much to do with the future of your marriage and you need to constantly play that card. Don’t make the mistake of other couples that once married  don’t care too much about looks only to discover after a few years they don’t feel attracted to each other anymore

Courtesy seems a bit outdated in world in which women are becoming more independent and self-reliant. Small favors like holding the door open or giving her your coat should always be part of your repertory in order to make her feel special and protected.

Besides gifts, sharing something with your wife can win her on your side forever. Women love secrets and if you open up and share with her your deepest secret or your crazy dream of inventing something, she might do the same. The bigger the sign of trust the healthier your relationship is.

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