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Tips On Overcoming Anxiety


Every individual is part of group and needs contact with the others in order to have a successful life and feel happy. That group could be the family, a circle of friends, coworkers from the office, or the society in general. Even strangers we meet once on the street are part of a group that is continuously changing shape and boundaries. We assume that a normal individual is well adapted for living inside groups, but there are some of us which sometimes feel nervous when they are around someone else. It’s called anxiety and it’s a reality of our modern times, as we are required to perform more and more actions faster, better and in front of a large audience. Anxiety is definitely a “condition” with increased incidence over the last years, but it is right to assume that people who experience it can find ways to work around the problem.

Anxiety is strictly connected with the way we think about ourselves. It’s a residue of over thinking and being too sensitive to critique and rejection. But if you acknowledge that anxiety comes from within and you are not facing a hostile environment which points its finger at you, than half the battle is won. Take time and understand how you become so vulnerable to the outside world. Overcoming anxiety is also a quest of finding your true self and liberating from fear.

Anxiety comes together with stress and they both work together to reduce your happiness and make your life miserable. Depression and other psychological conditions are just a few steps farther, but this does not mean you should jump to extended medication and professional advice. The power to self heal should never be underestimated and someone emerging victorious from this battle should be proud. There is an extended literature on the subject of overcoming anxiety and many people started blogs to share their experience. It is very helpful to immerse yourself in the subject and understand the main mechanism behind anxiety installment and evolution. With information more accessible than ever you have no excuse to keep your arms cross and pray for a miracle. Of course random solution might work for you case, but the best approach for dealing with your particular anxiety comes after a bit of research.

Sharing your daily fears that trigger anxiety episodes with your family and close friends it’s an excellent idea to take some burden off your mind. Anxiety is enhanced when you try to hide your true feelings and thoughts so don’t be afraid to reveal the real you, with all your problems and concerns. Keeping a daily log from the moment you decided to confront your anxiety can help to pinpoint progress and keep you on track well motivated.

Fear keeps us alive but it’s nothing more than a feeling, a product of the mind. Fear has no mass and it will not come around the corner to smack in the head. Instead, fear work in a more elegant way, controlling your mind and preventing you from enjoying life. Psychical pain works in the same way. Pain is a product of your body, telling you that what you are doing might harm your body and it should stop. Pain and fear are not caused by the aggression, but are products of our defense system. Also called “the little death”, anxiety can make you feel weak and powerless, like life was drained from your body.

You could brush aside anxiety if you feel better prepared for each scenario that is waiting for you along the day. Increasing self-esteem can make encounters with strangers less painful and this could be attained by dressing better and getting your body in a better shape. Planning everything in advanced (although there is a risk to become a control freak) can also help you feel more relaxed during the day. Exercise, improved diet, mood enhancers (moderate alcohol consumption), meditation and increased spirituality are other active ways than can make you feel less worried and more open towards life. Anxiety should not be left to carve your destiny. More constructive feelings should take the lead.

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